Everything You Wanted To Know About The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media (2010 Edition)

Yesterday, The 20 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media (2010 Edition) went live on RWN. That prompted a gazillion questions. Here are some of them.

Why was the page so slow yesterday?

Yesterday was RWN’s 2nd best day ever. It drew 38k daily uniques. All my pages together pulled more than 55k uniques. Typically, they pull somewhere between 35k-40k daily uniques. The massive spike just overloaded the servers despite the fact I’ve previously worked with my host to prevent that sort of problem.

There’s always a fine balance with hosting: 1) How much money you’re willing to spend vs. 2) daily performance vs. 3) how well the machines perform when there are big spikes. Yesterday was an indication I need to tilt things a little more towards number 3.

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You guys ranked women, huh? So when are you going to do a contest for guys? HMMMMM? When is that ever coming?

Next week actually. The lovely and distinguished Dr. Melissa Clouthier will be running it. Guys, if you want to be considered, send her a pic — preferably shirtless. =D

PS: Here’s her list from last year.

Why is it just “new media?”

Two reasons.

#1) Yes, I could have opened it up to the entire media world and that would have made a bunch of Fox news hotties eligible, but let’s be honest: They probably wouldn’t appreciate it, care about it, or even notice it. On the other hand, a lot of these bloggers don’t necessarily get deluged with attention, so making the list means more to them.

#2) I know the right side of the blogosphere better than anyone alive. So, I know who the hotties are with tiny websites. But, if I opened it up to the whole media, do I know who the attractive conservatives are who work at the Washington Times, WSJ, New York Post, etc.? No, I don’t. So, making it new media only allows me to do a better job of representing the field.

Where is X? She’s gorgeous, but she didn’t make it!

The judges looked at 56 different pics and only the top 20 made it. Honestly, there were a lot of EXTREMELY attractive women who were just a few points out of the top. That’s the breaks.

Also, keep in mind that some women are just tougher to find pictures of than others. I only used publicly available pictures, so if one woman had 50 to choose from and another had 3, it was obviously easier to get a great shot of the woman with more pics out there.

Last but not least, I’m the only person who gets to see all the scores and I find it utterly fascinating how much variability there is in the numbers. For example, the woman I thought was the best looking one in the field also was given a 6.5 out of 10 score. There was a woman I gave a 9.5 to who was scored a 4 by one of the other judges. There was as much as a 7 point spread on some of the women judged.

Do you get a lot of complaints about the list?

Honestly, I get surprisingly few complaints. As a matter of fact, in the two years I’ve done this, I’ve never had a single complaint from a woman who was on the list — and I know a lot of them.

I don’t even get a lot:  of:  outrageously outraged blog posts. I was actually kind of hoping for more to drive traffic. But so far this year, I’ve only found two. The best of that meager bunch was Jonathan Chait over at The New Republic writing a weak tea post that explained conservative women are, “welcomed in and valued for their ideas, provided they are first deemed suitably attractive by a panel of men.” Meanwhile, his liberal readers are surging over to Right Wing News to look at the conservative hotties — which I find hilarious.

This list is terrible and demeaning and awful!

No, I don’t get a whole lot and come to think of it, it’s not really a question, but let me pretend it is and answer anyway.

Granted, some men don’t treat women respectfully. Gossip magazines write some incredibly nasty things. Remember the big Jennifer Love Hewitt flap from a while back? I stuck up for her because I didn’t think that was fair. I’ve also criticized magazines for the excessive airbrushing they do of women on their pages. When they’re asking the beautiful women in the world to appear on their pages, doing a professional shoot, and then airbrushing a half dozen “flaws” away, how can normal women feel anything but inadequate when they’re compared to that? Of course, there’s also just outright misogyny, like Playboy’s grotesque hate f*ck hit piece on conservative women. Then there’s the ever present fear, which I’ve heard a gazillion times from attractive women bloggers, “It’s fine for men to like me for my looks, but I want them to like me for my work, not my looks.” That’s an understandable concern.

So, long story short, after all that, I get why some women:  are : a little queasy about men openly admiring women for their looks. But, it’s a natural thing, it’s done every day of the week (even if guys don’t mention it to you), and as long as it’s done respectfully, I don’t see any problem with it. Judging by the epic traffic the post drew, I think a lot of other people don’t have a problem with it either.

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