Gay “Mafia” Threatens Traditional Marriage Supporters and Misses the Point

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Supporters of traditional marriage in the state of Washington are experiencing what Californians against gay marriage suffered in 2008: Lesbian/gay/bi-sexual/transgender/queers posing as “activists” : can threaten to kill you and your family, destroy your property and business, and harass anyone associated with you and get away with it.:  In the meantime, the gay “Mafia” totally misses the point of its mission.

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“In 2009, as this article in WorldNetDaily points out, 137,881 voters in Washington state added their signatures to a petition that gave citizens the opportunity to overturn a recently enacted law which gave virtually all marital rights to same-sex couples. Proponents of the laws of nature and nature’s God lost the vote to protect marriage 52-48, and the new law was upheld.”


But homosexual bigots were not content with victory at the ballot box. They wanted the names and addresses of everyone who signed the petition. Why would they insist on having this information after the election was over?

The simplest explanation is they wanted a list of fresh hate crimes targets.

As the legal brief filed by attorney JamesBopp indicates, there were “virtually countless reports of threats, harassment, and reprisals.” The left-tilting New York Times used the phrase “the ugly specter of intimidation” to describe the conduct of those who supported special rights for same-sex couples.

Many of the threats went unreported to authorities because victims feared even more threats and harassment if their identities and addresses became known.

If hate crimes include threats and harassment, then homosexual bigots have already committed a litany of hate crimes against the decent folk who support natural marriage in Washington, in a campaign even the winger-left Los Angeles Times described as “vengeful.” As Bopp’s brief indicates, here are just some of the documented threats directed against petition signers:

● “You’re dead. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon … you’re dead.”

● “I’m a gay guy who owns guns, and he’s my next target”

● “I will kill you and your family.”

● “Oh my G**, This woman is so f—ing stupid. Someone please shoot her in the head, again and again. And again.”

● “I’m going to kill the pastor.”

● “We’re going to kill you.”

● “I warn you, I know how to kill, I’m an ex-special forces person.”

● “Get ready for retribution all you bigots.”

● Burn their f—ing churches to the ground, and then tax the charred timbers.”

● “I will kill you and your family.”

● “If I had a gun I would have gunned you down along with each and every other supporter.”

● “Keep letting [the pastor] preach hate and he’ll be sorry.”

● “You better stay off the olympic peninsula. . it’s a very dangerous place filled with people who hate racists, gay bashers and anyone who doesn’t believe in equality. fair is fair.”

● “If Larry Stickney can do ‘legal’ things that harm OUR family, why can’t we go to Arlington, WA to harm his family?”

● “I advocate using violence against the property of ALL of those who are working tirelessly to HURT my family; starting with churches and government property. Government is enabling a vote on whether or not I ‘should be allowed’ to see my husband while he is dying in the hospital–any NORMAL man would be driven to get a gun and kill those who tried such evil cruelty against his loved ones.”

● “I wanna fight you. I wanna fight you right now.”

● “Throw Rocks Here” (sign with arrow pointing to pastor’s head)

● “You guys deserve to die” (uttered during a physical attack)

● “I’ll bust your cap.”

● “You’re on my block now, bro. [If] you guys don’t leave within 20 minutes, there’s gonna be some problems. . . . I’m telling you right now, 20 minutes.”

● “[I’ll] see you in my trunk.”

● “I’m going to give them something to be f–ing scared of….I’m a radical who is now on a

● mission to make them all pay for what they’ve done.”


● “YOU LOST!!!!!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha Get ready for retribution all you bigots!!!!!!” (email sent within hours of Supreme Court’s decision in Doe v. Reed)

● “You conservative Christians are f****** poison.”

● “Can someone in CA please go burn down the Mormon temples there, PLEASE. I mean seriously. DO IT.”

● “F*** you Mormons. Yeah you heard me. F*** you. F*** you and your narrow minded hypocritical a****. F*** you for putting money into taking away a persons right. . . .”

● “As far as mormons and catholics…I warn them to watch their backs.”

● “Oh Mormons, go f*** yourselves!” (sung to cheering crowds at same-sex marriage demonstrations)

● “The Mormon church (just like most churches) is a cesspool of filth. It is a breeding ground for oppression of all sorts and needs to be confronted, attacked, subverted and destroyed.”

● “I fully support violence against churches who are politically-active as anti-gay . . . .”

● “If you were afraid that your kids learning about homosexuals would corrupt them, you have no IDEA what I’m going to do to them.”

One supporter was told that not only he but his whole family would be killed, and another was told his daughter would be raped.

And the heterophobic bigots weren’t content just with threats. They graffittied churches, painted swastikas on lawns and walls (apparently it’s okay for them to make Nazi analogies for not for anyone else), threw bricks through windows, and poured glue into locks.”

Read the rest on the case in Washington and where it stands now.

The LGBT “hate” campaign in California

Supporters of Proposition 8 in California in 2008 were victims of similar hate crimes: death threats, stalking, and harassment at their homes and places of work. They filed suit to try to protect themselves from death threats, but some lost jobs anyway because gay activists threatened to picket and boycott their companies. Envelopes containing white powder were sent to Mormon Churches, windows broken, obscene graffiti was painted on them, LDS bibles burned, businesses of donors were harassed and their customers harassed. Here are more examples of crimes committed against Proposition 8 supporters. Michelle Malkin has covered the homosexual hate campaign extensively.

The NextRight:

Here is a death threat letter (NSFW), issued on October 20th, 2008 to two of ten households in a California neighborhood where “Vote Yes on Prop 8” signs were being displayed. Their signs had been stolen by the time they found the letter.

The person who provided me a copy of this letter, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time for obvious reasons, is a head of one of two households to have received identically worded death threats, laced with profanity and insults. The recipient stated that, due to certain phrases and words used in the letter, the writer of the threat likely knows something about the religious background of the two households.

This is the second time that this family has had their signs stolen in only a few days. A police investigation is underway.”

Despite all these threats to body and property, I am not aware of any hate crime or “standard” prosecutions that were made in California against the gay mobsters. They got a total “pass.”

In fact, Vaughn Walker, the biased gay judge in San Francisco [ of course, he now claims he ISN’T biased and didn’t need to recuse himself even though he never brought up the fact that he is in a 10-year gay union and stands to benefit from legalized gay marriage] who heard the Proposition 8 case, actually criticized Proposition 8 supporters in his ruling for not having more people testify at trial. He never mentions that many of them stated at the beginning of the trial they would not testify because they feared for their lives.

Indeed, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker tried as hard as he could to further endanger Prop. 8 supporters and make the Proposition 8 trial even more of a media circus by: ordering the proceedings to be : televised world-wide. The U.S. Supreme Court had to intervene to overrule the runaway homosexual jurist, and protect the lives of the Prop. 8 supporters. Sadly, it appears that the appeals court will make the videos available, which means gay hate mobs can use the images to continue to harass and target supporters of traditional marriage for years to come.

Democrats and limousine liberals in Hollywood are bending over to mollify their mascots, the : gay thugocracy, : because the LGBT crowd in general has a lot of money and has hordes of eager wack-job sympathizers to create problems for anyone who dares oppose them.

The bottom line is: Legislating “rights” to a sexual “preference” is a legal slippery slope that leads us to Muslim shariah law. Supporters of traditional man/woman marriage are correct to oppose “gay” marriage.

No matter how much homosexuals whine, there is no scientific basis for being gay. There is no gay gene. Yes, there are trumped-up “surveys” and “studies” by gay-oriented groups to show they really, really, really “think” they are born that way. There is no peer-reviewed science to prove it.

So::  By giving rights to “gay” sexual “preference,” the “legal” door opens for people who “prefer” to have sex with children, animals, or plants. It opens the door for anything and everything, and why shouldn’t it?:  How is any “preference” more legal than another?

The gay mob is offended by that statement, but it’s true. The other confounding problem with legalizing gay marriage is shariah law will follow it.: : The legal : precedent will be set.:  Look to the Muslim culture, where pedophile marriages to infants and toddlers is legal, where sex with animals is condoned and legislated. Shariah law, and all that it encompasses, is on the table now thanks to the American gay Mafia, and their Democrat/liberal enablers.

The other thing that Muslims and the LGBT lobby doesn’t want to confront::  Watch what you ask for: Check out what Islamics will do to: homosexuals:  if/when they get their:  full “rights” recognized in America.: :  How many homosexuals are there under shariah law Iran?: :  Via Live Leak


The gay “Mafia” idealogues totally misunderstand the conservative movement and who their true “friends” are.: : : Conservatives like me, and libertarians, don’t give a hoot what is done by consenting adults behind closed doors.:  We support individual liberty, including having sex how you want.:  : We just don’t want to hear about it, and we don’t want:  gay pornography pushed on our K-12 kids that masquerades as “anti-bullying education.”: :  We want gays to be able to carry weapons to protect themselves.:  The shariah attacks by Muslims on gays in San Francisco:  are good reasons why.:  Note that the liberal police department and even more Muslim-appeasing liberal media in San Francisco don’t want to truthfully : report on Muslim attacks on gays.: :  The legal focus of American gays should be on constitutional rights to privacy, and to bear arms.: : : 

Over-obsessing, demonizing church people, and committing crimes against opponents: over a marriage certificate: is a waste of time when civil contracts and unions offer more protection to couples than any law.: :  Whether the gay Mafia leaders will admit it or not, legalizing gay marriage opens a legal: “Pandora’s box” : of unintended consequences::  An America where gays will: be: more in danger than ever.

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