Is Rush Right?

* I want to give a big ole southern shout out to Rush Limbaugh listeners!!!! Thanks for dropping by! Read me here, and be sure and visit my own site  Thanks to Rush for reading this on air!!!!!!

I’ve listened to Rush Limbaugh off and on for 20 years now. I agree with him on most things. I wish his personal life wasn’t so dramatic and unfortunate, but no one can argue the fact that he is the best broadcaster out there, bar none.

Through the years I’ve always been amazed how right he was, and I’m not talking about issues or personal beliefs. I’m talking about predictions and the reasons behind political decisions. He warned us during the primaries that nominating anyone but a true conservative would be the wrong candidate. I didn’t believe him. Like a lot of Republicans, I thought we needed a more moderate Republican. One who had compromised with the other side. One that would bring us the independents and moderate Democrats. I thought McCain fit that to a tee. And he did. But I was wrong, and Rush was right. When we stick to our ideals and principles, we win.

But for the last year Rush has been saying something about the Obama administration that I can’t wrap my mind around. I just can’t believe it could possibly be true. What is it? Well, if you have been listening to Rush you know.

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He believes that the Obama administration is destroying the economy on purpose. On purpose. He says that the more people depend on the government, the more control the government has over the people and it’s institutions. He says this plan is a way for Democrats to stay in power…..always. If the majority of people depend on the government for their security and livelihood, and the Democrats are the ones promising more goodies from the government (not to mention ACORN type voter registration including illegal aliens voting), then the people will keep voting them in. It isn’t Democracy and liberty, but in the end it’s all about power.

I just could never buy that. It’s too far out. Too conspiratorial. I’ve always believed that the road to hell is paved with Democrat’s good intentions. I believed that programs like welfare and food stamps was a compassionate idea gone bad. I thought that the Democrats really did just want to help the poor, and had no idea that it would cause generational poverty that takes away the dignity of the person.

The problem with that is that it’s been clear for years that it did cause generational poverty. It’s clear that these programs, full of fraud and waste, have had disastrous effects. In the black community it has caused 70-80% of black children born into unwed homes, children raised without fathers, increase in crime and incarceration, despair, and drug addiction. When it comes to welfare in the white and hispanic community the statistics aren’t much better.

Yet, with all the evidence around us, the Democrat still insist on more and more dependency on the government. They still push for more programs, more money for these programs, and more big government.


Could Rush be right again? Could it possibly be true that all this is on purpose?? Could it be possible that this is all about power? That the bigger dream is that those like Obama, who see themselves so much smarter than the rest of us, who know better than even our founding fathers, who see themselves as our parents who need to guide us and show us how to live, actually sees a economic morass as a perfect opportunity to take more and more control so they can implement their version of their liberal Utopia?

It boggles my mind. I can’t accept that.

But then, I was wrong about McCain too.

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