Liberals most hated Conservative notched as top speaker at CPAC [VIDEO]

Liberals most hated Conservative notched as top speaker at CPAC [VIDEO]

Daddy’s home! Milo Yiannopoulos is rising above and will crush the liberals and Democrats watching speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) next week. Milo is the gay right wing commentator who points out flaws in liberals, Democrats and shady leftist groups such as Black Lives Matter, violent ANTIFA and of course, the haggard feminist bunch.

Milo is hated by liberals who claim his words are hate speech, but Milo presents speeches based on FACTS, not feelings and he is not hateful in anyway whatsoever. If facts are hateful, then people need to stop creating those facts. Milo’s keynote address will receive more talk time than most other registered right wingers – even more time than Vice President Mike Pence. Also scheduled to speak are Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs and Mark Levin.


None of the 60 or so confirmed speakers, though, will have more stage time than Yianoppoulos at this year’s event, which runs Feb. 22-25 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. The speeches will be broadcast live on C-SPAN.

Organizers of CPAC are set to officially announce Saturday the addition of Yiannoppoulos, whose Friday night appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher has been a hot topic among conservatives and liberals alike. On the show, he criticized HBO stars Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and Lena Dunham and addressed his well-known problem with actress Leslie Jones.

Yiannopoulos told The Hollywood Reporter his CPAC presentation will focus on his “experiences in America battling feminists, Black Lives Matter, the media, professors and the entertainment industry.”

Yiannopoulos gained prominence as a gay right-winger working for Breitbart News and his star rose on the right — while dramatically sinking on the left — when he engaged in a war of tweets with Jones, resulting in Twitter banning him after some of his fans tweeted racist remarks at the Ghostbusters actor. Yiannopoulos told THR that his Twitter ban was widely misreported.

Who is Milo?

Milo edits on Breitbart, rose to fame on Twitter with clever one liners that sank liberal ships and sent them drowning in their own salty tears. He was wrongly banned from Twitter for criticism of the TERRIBLE Ghostbusters 2016 remake with manly looking Leslie Jones, where Leslie Jones was actually the aggressor who cussed everyone out. Milo uses factual criticisms to demolish feminism, Black Lives Matter and deranged celebrity liberals such as Lena Dunham who reportedly molested a sibling, Sarah Silverman who licked a dog’s butt and Amy Schumer who wouldn’t know a gun law if it shot her in the head.

Milo is a voice of harsh reason, based on facts and his delivery is rather mellow considering how hard the points hit.

Milo has been on tour across America, but consistently faces leftist VIOLENT protests from people who are against free speech.

It’s funny because the people who won’t let Milo talk at colleges, such as UC Berkeley, are using violence and destruction because they’re so bent out of shape on what Milo says.

Milo’s pen is mightier than any liberal sword out there.

Liberal Bill Maher brought the controversial star on his show. Milo showed up dressed like a woman, wearing lipstick and pearls, in order to make a joke of the show. Bill Maher admits that if he banned everyone he disagreed with, that he would be talking to himself. Which is true.

Milo does great on Maher’s show and the interview is below. Bill Maher admits defeat in the sense that Milo makes liberals go INSANE.

Great interview with Bill and Milo. Credit to Bill Maher, even though he’s a liberal, but his interview was well done.

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