Media Attempt To Marginalize Michelle Bachmann Gets Into Swing

One question surrounding Michelle Bachmann is “will she or won’t she run for president in 2012?” (I’m hoping she will) Another is “how much influence will she have on the GOP politics of the next two years, keeping the GOP on the road they were elected to follow?” Obviously, both questions are worrisome to the Liberals in the media. They aren’t so worried about the 2012 elections and how to destroy another women (they know their sycophants on the Left will ignore the blatant sexism), but, they are concerned about Conservatives keeping the GOP on the straight and narrow

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has had an epic week.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was her guest at a closed-door session on the Constitution, and her tea party rebuttal to the State of the Union exploded on the cable networks, allowing her to grab the spotlight as a standard-bearer for the conservative movement. Cable chatterers and newspapers talked just as much about Bachmann as they did about the official Republican responder, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan.

And therein lies the challenge for Republicans.

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For all of Speaker John Boehner’s efforts to stage-manage the opening days of the Republican House, handpick his inner circle and keep his party on message, Bachmann keeps jumping into the fray. The tea party loves her, the media promotes her, and she is a huge draw on the fundraising circuit.

Obviously, this must not bode well, right?

The GOP strategy, in fact, seems to be to treat her like any other member of the House Republican Conference.

Ask anyone in the newly minted House Republican leadership about the telegenic Minnesotan, and all you’ll get is a dismissive shrug.

Boehner didn’t even tune in for her performance on CNN.

“No, I did not; I had other obligations,” Boehner said Wednesday when asked whether he watched Bachmann’s address.

The story continues on with a few Republicans somewhat upset over her SOTU response. The entire point is to attempt to marginalize Bachmann, so that her message will be dismissed and ignored, by saying that even Republicans are upset with her. Love her or hate her, she is an attention getter, and much harder to destroy than the media’s favorite target of sexism, Sarah Palin. And she will smack around the Republican leadership when they fail to perform, and deviate from the road they were elected on.

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