Mia Love for Utah!

A new candidate is hitting the scene in Utah. Her name is Mia Love, an African American running for the fourth Congressional District.

Mia’s Bio

Mrs. Love was born into a family of Haitian immigrants, she has deeply rooted values, love for this country, and guiding conservative principles.

Mia’s personal and professional life experiences, and her commitment to changing the reckless culture in Washington, have driven her to run for Congress. If elected, Love will become the first Republican black woman to serve in the United States House of Representatives.

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Through their example of hard work and sacrifice, Mia’s parents taught her the value of giving back to her community. Growing up her father told her, “Your mother and I never took a handout. You will not be a burden to society. You will give back.” This has served as Mia’s guiding principle as a public servant.

As a Project Manager for economic development initiatives, Love became created solutions to local challenges. She served two terms in the city council in Saratoga Springs, Utah and was elected to serve as Mayor. Since 2009, the population of Saratoga Springs has jumped over 17,000–and Mia helped form a bedrock foundation of prosperity that continues to this day

As Mayor, Mia Love:

  • Aided in an economic boom by transitioning agricultural fields to booming residential communities.
  • Cut spending, by decreasing budgets as much as 30% and 67% in other areas during economic setbacks.
  • Reduced residential property taxes which resulted in Saratoga Springs receiving the highest Standard and Poors municipal rating.

Mia is not only a strong, conservative leader, she is also an inspiration to those around her. Mia instructs a running class at the local recreational center where she pushes her participants to their limits, teaching them that only hard work brings good results. Mia applies that attitude in every undertaking.

Mia is a wife, a mother of three, and conservative, ready to fight for Utah.

Mrs. Love made news recently when she took a very strong stance against the Congressional Black Caucus, and their attack on the Tea Party.

“I have yet to meet a tea party member who wants to see me “hanging on a tree,” as U.S. Rep. Andre Carson of Indiana recently suggested,” she wrote in Daily Caller.

My parents immigrated to this country from Haiti with nothing but a strong family and a solid work ethic. My father, who took two jobs to help pay for my education, was a living example of personal responsibility. He is proud to say he didn’t take a handout. When I graduated from college, my father told me, “You will not be a burden to society. You will give back.”

I respect the desire of the CBC to provide for the needs of the poor communities they serve. However, I reject the notion that dependency on government is the answer. We spend nearly $1 trillion a year on means-tested poverty programs in this country. But those programs have done little to stem the tide of poverty in America. We can no longer afford to keep spending money on programs that aren’t working. Trimming government and getting it out of the way of economic recovery is the best way to create jobs and wealth that enable people to pull themselves out of poverty.

Mia In The News


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