Notes From Ann Coulter’s Speech at CPAC

Ann Coulter got a raucous welcome at CPAC for her short speech and Q&A session. Here are some of the lines that stuck with me.

* “Why couldn’t Barack Obama have picked someone respectable for his vice-president like John Kerry?” — Coulter

* “The upside of cap and trade is that if it passes and we defeat global warming, then Washington DC will see snow again!”

* “MSNBC calls (Tea partiers) tea baggers which is the gayest term I’ve heard on CNN except for Anderson Cooper.”

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* “Thanks for being here, Keith Olbermann is a girl!”

* The media wants to know who our “leader” is so they can fixate on her and destroy them.”

* “If Ron Paul is behind it has nothing to do with foreign policy, I’m for it.” — Coulter

* Ann Coulter’s response to whether she’d ever dated a liberal. “They weren’t liberal for long.”

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