The 2nd Day Of The Smart Girl Summit In Quotes + Conservative Women On Why They’re The Real Feminists

Human Events has released two more articles of mine on the Smart Girl Summit and they are now up at Human Events. The first one is called, Conservative Women: ‘Rock in slingshot’ and it features the top 7 quotes from the 2nd day of the Smart Girl Summit. Here are a couple of samples:

4) “If it were up to the men we’d eat Domino’s pizza on paper plates on Christmas day.”–Rachel Campos Duffy

3) “There’s a reason moderate Muslims don’t speak out. Once you out yourself (as a moderate Muslim) who does not support Sharia, you put a target on your back and the back of your family.”–Debra Burlingame

The other article is called Redefining Feminism. It features conservative women at the Smart Girl Summit answering the questions: “Who better represents the feminist ideal: conservative women or liberal women–and why?” Here are a couple of the responses:

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“All I want to know is why do feminists hate women?”–Jenny Erikson

“The feminists of the sixties are the least feminine women I know. Sarah Palin came on the scene and she is redefining feminism.”–Lisa Mei Norton

You can read the rest of them over at Human Events. There should be more articles from Human Events today and RWN exclusive articles coming up on Monday as well.

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