The Courtney Messerschmidt Controversy

This week-end, there was a bit of a rumpus involving one of RWN’s writers — Courtney Messerschmidt. A while back, I invited Courtney Messerschmidt from GrEaT sAtAn”S gIrLfRiEnD to write at RWN.

She wrote conservative, foreign policy pieces, but I enjoyed her work mainly because it was so stylistically unique. She’d do a post on Afghanistan that would have bits of pidgin English in it and it would also be topped by pics of twenty-something girls goofing around.

It really stuck out and I was pleased that she decided to write for RWN. That being said, RWN’s readers weren’t necessarily big fans of her style, but I generally liked having her around. The fact that she was getting multiple interviews by other people who liked her work, to me, was an indication that other writers were seeing what I was seeing in her posts.

Well, it turns out that Courtney Messerschmidt is actually a four person team.

GsGf is actually a collective of cats – 3 writers and a minion of sorts that helps with research and pics. One is a guy. It started online with the super secret neocon coven “Committee of Five”

Since GsGf has blown up beyond all recognition in the last year or so – it’s time to indulge in some light shedding.

There are 4 of us The brains behind the thing is a guy actually. He’s a bit older than me (Courtney) or Lauren, and helps out with the milspeak so to speak. The first names are real. We have also created a writers bible I reckon it’s called to keep our chiz in sync.

…My last name is confidential for the moment and I won’t be found on any UGA rolls anywhere or any campus for that matter. I am really 21 tho. Since all this GsGf stuff has blown up – I would never get a job anywhere unless I quietly go away and/or keep my name safe.

Never meant to deceive anyone – thus it’s time to come to X as the ancients say. I apologize for my omission of truth and for letting it stand and I am sorry for not admitting it to gracious people who have given me multiple chances online and in real life

Just wanted anonymity for tons of Bad Choices I’ve made in my admittedly hedonistacal life.

…Individually and collectively we felt it was time to fess up. And we all are really surprised it has taken off. It’s an idea thing, the collective never really marketed the brand so to speak for money.

Yet it is a hoax and as the poster girl and contact I regret perping the myth of Courtney Messerschmidt and let us speak plainly here – lying to everyone about school and the name.

And I, we the collective certainly don’t blame you if you don’t wanna be my friend no more.

Sincerely, Courtney, Lauren, Mark and Ridiculous Nicholas

First off, I’m not sure this is a “hoax” per se. In a certain sense, it’s not all that different than what Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert does, excerpt it’s with foreign policy. There’s a girl who fronts for the group and the rest apparently do most of the writing.

Additionally, in case you were wondering, I had zero idea clue that this was going on, nor any reason to even consider it. Courtney had been interviewed at different sites without them figuring it out and additionally, I’d had some minimal personal contact with the figurehead behind the whole thing. At one point, I publicly mentioned that I planned to put together a Blog Party/Tweetup (That’s still upcoming) in Charlotte, NC and “Courtney Messerschmidt” asked me if she could attend and bring some of her friends.

In any case, whatever you want to call this, “Courtney Messerschmidt” turned out to be different than what was advertised, so people were misled. Since that was the case, although I wish the whole collective the best, I felt compelled to sever our business relationship.

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