Dear Deathers. This Is An Even Stupider Conspiracy Than Usual. Signed Everyone Else

Dear Deathers. This Is An Even Stupider Conspiracy Than Usual. Signed Everyone Else

Sleazy professional scam artist Alex Jones is getting out front of the crazy idea that Bin Laden’s death was faked. The con men over at WorldNetDaily aren’t far behind either. But, if you’re the engineer on the crazy train, you deserve to get your proper share of credit…and mockery. So, here’s what Jones’ crazy conspiracy website looks like today.

Here’s a sample article from professional lunatic Paul Craig Roberts bringing the hard evidence that this was phony, if by hard evidence, you mean completely moronic speculation based on practically nothing that you’d have to be an idiot to consider compelling.

This morning’s headline has the odor of a staged event. The smell reeks from the triumphalist news reports loaded with exaggerations, from celebrants waving flags and chanting “USA USA.” Could something else be going on?

No doubt President Obama is in desperate need of a victory. He committed the fool’s error of restarting the war in Afghanistan, and now after a decade of fighting the US faces stalemate, if not defeat. The wars of the Bush/Obama regimes have bankrupted the US, leaving huge deficits and a declining dollar in their wake. And re-election time is approaching.

The various lies and deceptions, such as “weapons of mass destruction,” of the last several administrations had terrible consequences for the US and the world. But not all deceptions are the same. Remember, the entire reason for invading Afghanistan in the first place was to get bin Laden. Now that President Obama has declared bin Laden to have been shot in the head by US special forces operating in an independent country and buried at sea, there is no reason for continuing the war.

This is such a bucket of stupid non-logic that it’s hard to even know where to begin in refuting it.

But, let’s start here: If Bush killed Bin Laden, he would have let it be known by the time he left office out of fear of allowing Obama to steal credit. If Obama had killed Bin Laden earlier in his presidency and was looking for a good time to spring it, this isn’t it. Springing it in say, mid-late September of 2012 would make a lot more sense. Of course, if Osama Bin Laden is still alive, then Obama would end up looking like the world’s biggest moron the second it’s proven to the American people’s satisfaction.

Then there’s the body. Why was it dumped in the water so quickly, hmmmm? Ehr, because Islamic funerals usually occur within 24 hours and it makes a lot more sense to bury him in Davy Jones Locker than give him a plot of ground that could become a radical Islamic shrine. If they have his DNA and pictures of his corpse, what’s the advantage of holding on to the body for another few hours?

We also can’t forget the scale of this “conspiracy.” At a minimum, hundreds of people would have to be involved — the SEAL team and the people monitoring their mission, CIA agents who doctored up the phone intelligence, probably at least a couple dozen of Obama’s cabinet members and their top staffers. Any of these people could unleash the scandal of the century and worse yet, would have to stay quiet even though they’d know one of the others could out the conspiracy and make them look like one of the bad guys.

In other words, don’t let hucksters like Alex Jones and Joseph Farah laugh their way to the bank after putting yet another one over on people. These guys would sell their own mothers into slavery if they could make $5 off of it and you can’t be too skeptical of anything these guys are saying.

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