The Truth Is Revealed About UN Vehicles Spotted on Highway

The Truth Is Revealed About UN Vehicles Spotted on Highway

It would be a COMPLETE conspiracy theorist’s dream to predict an invasion after seeing flat-beds full of armored UN vehicles on America’s highways, however this time….that is not the case. This is what we have learned.


From The Federalist Papers:

On the blog, writer Tim Brown wondered why the UN logos were being hidden by brown paper.

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While I am aware that America does produce a lot of trucks that are shipped all over the world and this may be just such an incident, it is concerning to see that the UN logos are covered with brown paper. However, it is one that appears to have been peeled back due to wind or possibly human error that reveals the logo.

The question I have is, why cover up the UN logo? It certainly isn’t to protect it. After all, there is no covering over the red crosses that adorn the sides and rear of the vehicles.

One year prior, another website, called “America’s Freedom Fighters,” noticed the same thing happening – UN vehicles (this time apparently up-armored ones) on flat-bed trucks rolling down America’s interstate.

And the most recent sighting – on the Virginia Interstate – shows what appears to be “Alpine Armoring’s Pit-Bull VX SWAT” trucks, according to the Daily Mail. They’re tactical vehicles with bulletproof glass.


No. It’s not.

The truth is much more mundane. There are several private defense contractors – Alpine Armstrong is one of them – that contract with the UN and other agencies to produce and up-armor vehicles. The reason they’re on flatbed trucks is because they’re being transported to various ports to be shipped overseas.

This isn’t speculation. In fact, many of these websites that promote the conspiracy admit at the bottom of the story that this is likely the reason.

Back to normal everyday life now…being pissed at Obama and disgusted by Hillary.

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