**ALERT** Texas Governor Says – SCOTUS Is Rewriting The Constitution, To Benefit OBAMA!

**ALERT** Texas Governor Says – SCOTUS Is Rewriting The Constitution, To Benefit OBAMA!

Governor Gregg Abbot of Texas just bluntly stated that the Constitution will be entirely rewritten if the Supreme Court sides with Obama on immigration and executive actions. He’s right. He told reporters that the lawsuit brought against the president by Texas and 25 other states is “framed under” the issue of immigration, but in actuality challenges Obama’s use of executive power to “unilaterally” rewrite laws. “The lawsuit is about the fact that the president completely abandoned the Constitution to assume power he does not have and wrote law that he himself, as a constitutional lawyer, said he did not have the power to do,” Abbott commented during a roundtable discussion in Washington, DC. These are the actions of a dictator, not a president.


From the Conservative Tribune:

The lawsuit was filed in response to Obama’s executive action that would prevent millions of illegal immigrants from being deported and allow for them to obtain work permits.

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The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case on Monday and seemed to be divided on the issue. Abbot was concerned that some of the justices are playing “naked politics,” which could hurt the states’ chances of winning the suit.

“The lawsuit is about the fact that, if the president wins this lawsuit, the Constitution as we know it has been completely rewritten and Congress no longer has any authority,” he said. And that is what Obama has been aiming at all along… destroying the Constitution and making Congress impotent. This came about because of Obama’s executive actions to allow millions of illegals to remain in the country and not be deported. Right now it looks like the Court is divided, which is very bad. “Before Justice (Antonin) Scalia passed away, I felt our chances were good,” Abbott said. “If the court were solely to rule on the basis of the law … then it should be now an 8-0 decision. However, (b)ecause politics is being played now at the Supreme Court, I think the best outcome is a 4-4 split decision, which will mean that we will win, but it will not be a broad-based application across the United States affirming the principle that the president does not have unilateral authority to rewrite the law,” the Republican governor cautioned. There is a reason we have three branches of government and checks and balances. It is supposed to keep a president from taking too much power and becoming a dictator. We are in serious jeopardy of having that happen. I pray the Supreme Court does the constitutional thing here.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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