Attack Is Not as Much on Guns as on Constitutional Division of Powers

Obama’s teary-eyed gun decrees turned the ratchet another notch toward the eventual goal of disarming the American people — and several more notches toward rendering Congress superfluous and the nation a dictatorship. The tyranny is not as much in the gun restrictions, as in Obama’s imperiousness in imposing them, as Congress clucks like flustered chickens but does nothing:

President Obama announced sweeping new executive orders on gun regulations Tuesday at the White House. Within moments of those remarks, Republican Congressional offices issued press statements criticizing Obama’s unilateral moves to tighten gun restrictions.

Left out of any Republican statements, however, was any promise to cut funding for Obama’s actions. No matter what the White House may propose, Congress still exercises the power of the purse.

Or at least it did, until congressional leaders renounced that power by pledging never to “shut down the government” by failing to finance whatever Obama wants.

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Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) sent out a typical press release:

[T]he president is acting with a complete disregard for the Constitutional limits of his own authority. This is not a responsible or an effective means at protecting the safety and security of the American people. The Obama Administration should focus on the job of the Executive Branch which is to enforce the laws of the land, not rewrite them.

True enough. Fortunately, as Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Price is a position to do something about it. Unfortunately, he won’t.

Price noted that President Obama’s actions went beyond his executive constitutional authority. He did not, however, promise to block the federal government from spending money to pursue Obama’s directives. …

As a matter of principle, if nothing else, Republicans in Congress should prepare legislation stripping the executive branch from any funding to pursue or enforce Obama’s new directives.

We all know this won’t happen. The Ryan/McConnell omnibus spending abomination made it obvious that the ostensibly Republican-controlled Congress will finance every aspect of the Obama agenda — Planned Parenthood abattoirs, illegal alien amnesty, massive importation of Muslim colonists from terrorist breeding grounds, the works.

By not stopping Obama’s unilateral decrees, Congress is an accomplice to its own murder.


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