BREAKING: Obama Just Made a Despicable Announcement – This Isn’t Good…

BREAKING: Obama Just Made a Despicable Announcement – This Isn’t Good…

Never, ever let a crisis go to waste. Obama is determined to take away our Second Amendment right to bear arms before he leaves office. He wants it as part of his evil legacy. The man should be impeached. He is not only standing on the dead bodies in Paris to preach gun control here in the United States, he’s now using every instance of crime to push it. When he said we are the only nation in the world where mass gun shootings take place, he was in Paris where gunmen had slaughtered 132 and wounded over 350… with guns. The dishonesty and political pandering here is breathtaking. Trust me, he will ratchet this up and find a way around Congress if he can. Let’s just see him try and take our guns.

Obama Announcement

From Breitbart:

In response to a question about the Planned Parenthood shooting in Colorado, President Obama went back to a familiar talking point, claiming mass shootings are unique to America.

“I say this every time we have one of these mass shootings. This just doesn’t happen in other countries,” he said during a press conference in Paris today.

The only problem with his answer was that he was standing in Paris, where a mass shooting conducted by Islamic State terrorists had just taken place, killing over 100 people.

Obama followed up his statement acknowledging that America was “rightly determined to prevent terrorist attacks wherever they occur” but seemed to separate the two events in his mind.

He argued that since the United States was determined to fight terrorism, it was important for Americans to demand more gun control as well.

“We devote enormous resources, and properly so, to rooting out networks and debilitating organizations like ISIL and maintaining the intelligence and improving the information sharing that can identify those who would try to kill innocent people,” he said. “And yet, in the United States, we have the power to do more to prevent what is just a regular process of gun homicides.”

He urged Congress and State and local governments to make changes on gun laws to prevent people who were “deranged” or had “violent tendencies” from killing in the United States.

Obama is using mental instability as an excuse for gun banning and confiscation. I warned about this years ago when the NRA agreed to limits on guns for people with mental health issues. It is being used against all of us now. Obama will also use the UN to try and get our guns. It will be wrapped up in this climate change nonsense and things like TPP. He’s a crafty Marxist and he thinks he’s smarter than Americans are. Taking guns away will not prevent terrorism, it will do the opposite. It will encourage terrorists to take over and kill at will. Obama is not stupid. He knows this… it is what he wants. It serves his political agenda of control and conquest. We should be just as determined to fight Barack Obama as we are the terrorists, if not more. Really, they are the same monster.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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