BREAKING: Obama Makes Terrifying Announcement – This Isn’t Good…

BREAKING: Obama Makes Terrifying Announcement – This Isn’t Good…

Obama will sit down today with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss ways to sidestep Congress to implement gun control measures through Executive Orders. He will announce those measures tomorrow and they won’t be good. Although outright gun confiscation is not off the table, what he will most likely do is require background checks for anyone buying a gun at a gun show, adding to the cost of guns and making buyers even more skittish of winding up on a list somewhere. Many won’t do it on principle and will go to private sales or purchases on the black market. Obama is also likely to make the uber unconstitutional move of taking away the gun rights of those on the no-fly list… people who have not been convicted or even charged with a crime. That’s a list that is notoriously wrong, with 50% or more not even belonging on it. Obama can also use the list as a de facto enemies list.


From InfoWars:

A month ago, after the mass San Bernardino shooting, we predicted that “the US will see increasingly more escalating “attacks” until ultimately Obama’s crackdown on gun sales and possession hits its breaking point and the president’s gun confiscation mandate is finally executed.”

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Without a Democratic majority in Congress, and faced with a GOP that is firmly against any form of gun control measures, Obama has repeatedly warned that he would act on his own. Next week he will do just that, and his “gun confiscation” mandate will get a substantial boost on Monday, whenaccording to the WSJ Obama will meet with US Attorney General Loretta Lynch “to consider measures aimed at reducing gun violence, a conversation that comes as he prepares to announce new executive actions in the coming days.”

The president has directed administration officials to explore any steps he could take on guns without lawmakers’ help, and he said in his weekly address that he would sit down with Ms. Lynch on Monday “to discuss our options.”

White House spokesman Eric Schultz said Mr. Obama asked his team to “scrub existing legal authorities” and assess actions that could be taken administratively. With each shooting incident, the likelihood of Obama moving forward with his gun agenda has increased. It doesn’t matter that some of them are terrorists, some are gang related and others are committed by the mentally ill. He wants the guns and to abridge our right to bear arms. Obama is letting in terrorists and setting felons free to roam America while simultaneously removing our means to protect ourselves. Anything Obama unveils tomorrow will be met with heavy resistance. Americans will not give up their rights or their arms so easily. The president does not have the constitutional authority to make these moves and they will be challenged legally and physically. Gov. Abbott in Texas has thrown down the gauntlet over guns with Obama and others will surely follow. ‘Come and take it!’ has become the rallying call of patriots.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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