BREAKING: Paul Ryan Sells His Soul For A Good Deal – Sacrificing Due Process…

BREAKING: Paul Ryan Sells His Soul For A Good Deal – Sacrificing Due Process…

The Democrats in the House recently waged a temper tantrum by sitting on the House floor like a spoiled child in a Target toy aisle. Their move backfired. Still, for some reason, House Speaker Paul Ryan is looking to reward these lunatics with a vote on the floor for unconstitutional gun control legislation. He caved and now we all might pay the price!


From The Federalist Papers:

Paul Ryan caved to House Democrats, the White House and gun control crazies by agreeing to allow a vote on gun control next week.

While we don’t know precisely what the “legislation” will be, one thing is clear: due process will be sacrificed, the Second Amendment will be sacrificed and any notion that we are a nation of “laws” and not of “men” will be forfeited to the alter of “bipartisanship.”

During a conference call with House Republicans, the House Speaker said that it was “common sense that suspects on terror watch list not be able to buy guns,” Roll Call is reporting. The legislative package is said to contain a provision to prevent “suspected” terrorists from buying guns.

Of course – the problem is that these terror “no fly lists” are notoriously error-prone. Rep. John Lewis – a Civil Rights hero and leading gun control advocate – was accidentally placed on the “no fly” list.

Additionally, depriving citizens of a Constitutional Right merely on a “suspicion” violates due process. These are fundamental tenants of our democracy – and we’re about to lose them so Paul Ryan can make a deal.

The package will also contain provisions regarding mental health and access to guns – which I’m sure are equally unconstitutional somehow.

Ryan’s capitulation comes one week after Democrats disrupted House activities with a nearly 26-hour “sit-in” demanding action on gun control. It’s unclear whether Ryan’s proposal would include the broad “no fly, no buy” proposal Democrats have supported or a more limited version endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

On the call, Ryan said it was common sense that suspects on terror watch lists should not be able to buy guns, but the Wisconsin Republican wants to be sure that any provision protects due process for people who may mistakenly be added to such lists.

Our constitutional rights are not “starting points” for negotiations; they’re unassailable rights and government tyrants that attempt to seize them should suffer the fate of despotic kings and queens before them.

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