Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Jeff Sessions Backs Gun Control

In the wake of the radical Islamic terror attack in Orlando, some erstwhile conservatives seem to be getting soft on gun control. For reasons unknown, Jeff Sessions is one of them. When we start saying it’s okay to have gun rights removed from folks who have been accused, tried or convicted of absolutely nothing, then we have hit upon perilous times for freedom. Read on for the details and the common sense argument against what Sessions proposes.

From The New Americana:

There was a time not too long ago when I would have listed Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions as one of the most arduously conservative politicians in Washington DC. Then, Donald Trump happened. Since then, Sessions has abandoned several of his conservative perspectives to favor the more liberal approach that Trump has in mind for the GOP.

The latest example may be the most shocking. Trump’s hopes to ban those on the “terror watch list” from buying a gun is 100% populist and completely against the Constitution. For those who think it’s a good idea, it’s important to keep in mind that the so-called watch list does not rely on due process. This means that anyone can be placed on the list arbitrarily. This means that some people WILL be placed on the list arbitrarily.

Sir, the problem would not be solved by Trump’s plan. The problem would get much, much worse if you get your way. As many law-abiding American have learned in recent years, trying to get off a watch list once you’re on it can take several months, even years. With that said, who cares if it takes 3 months, 3 days, or 3 hours? I person who has not been convicted of a crime should not have their rights revoked, period.

To the populists that argue that we have to do something, I agree. This isn’t a very good “something.” The FBI had a shot. They failed. Since he was (or should have been) on THEIR watch list, it should have been flagged when he bought guns. Then, he should have been investigated.

When we allow the murky waters of emotion and/or the human tendency to have damaging knee jerk reactions in a crisis, we have concocted a very bad mixture of potential for abuse of the system. Being on the watch list, while not a good thing, is not a crime, nor is it equal to being found guilty of a crime. Taking away Constitutional rights from people not guilty of a crime is a crime in itself. Just because the FBI failed to note their guy bought guns and start an investigation, does not mean it’s okay to trample on the rights of others. We need to stop the jihadists in America, but when we give away our hard won rights and freedoms for what we think might be safety, we all lose. Don’t fall for it.

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