Kagan: I Wish I Believed The Republicans Would Actually Filibuster

I wish I could believe Senator Coburn represented the majority of the Republicans in the Senate. I wish I could believe it, but I don’t:

On ABC/Washington Post’s “Top Line” today, Coburn ratcheted up his critique of Kagan, saying she hasn’t been as forthcoming about her views as she should be, and questioning her interpretation of the Constitution’s Commerce Clause as well as her expressed willingness to follow court precedents.

“I think the thing that’s very worrisome is that she has a very expansive view of the Commerce Clause, and I find that she’s ignorant of the Constitution’s limitation of that, especially what our Founders wrote,” Coburn, R-Okla., told us.

“And her reliance was that, ‘Well, here’s the precedent that’s been set, and we can’t go back to original intent,’ which comes back to another thing that she said earlier in the hearing — is that precedent trumps original intent. And I think most Americans would reject that. If that was the case, then we would have never had Brown vs. the Board of Education, and Plessy-Ferguson would still be the law. And to have a Supreme Court nominee that actually says precedent trumps original intent is worrisome, in my opinion.”

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I didn’t think so at first, but this woman deserves to be filibustered. She’s a slimy liberal of the Obama kind. She needs to go. Would Obama find a better liberal to fill the seat? Who knows at this point. But the court does not need another slippery Justice willing to play fast and loose with the constitution.

P.S. Is there such thing as a constitutional scholar on the Left who is a strict constructionist? Does such a beast exist? Or are they all the airy fairy variety–the constitution means what I say it means?

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