Kids Raised Around Guns vs. Those Shielded From Them… The Results Are Shocking

Kids Raised Around Guns vs. Those Shielded From Them… The Results Are Shocking

Eight children were put in a room as an experiment. A fake gun was partially hidden in a couch… it took those little ones exactly 15 seconds to find that gun and start passing it around. The only two children who did not touch the gun were the ones that are growing up in homes where there already are guns and their parents had talked to them about the weapons and gun safety. Gee, shocker. If you use logic here, that means that all children should be taught about guns and the rules surrounding them.


From TheBlaze:

What happens when eight children are let into a room where a real gun is partially hidden — lodged next to a couch’s seat cushion?

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Iowa TV news station KWWL-TV, in conjunction with Waterloo police, videotaped the experiment — and with the mothers of the preschool- and kindergarten-age kids watching from another room at the news station.

After the kids were let into the room, it took just 15 seconds for one of them to find the gun.

These were preschool- and kindergarten-age kids. Their mothers watched in horror from the other room. Lieutenant Aaron McClelland said it was typical behavior “for young kids. Curiosity. Everything is a toy in their world. Unless we educate them and let them know sometimes it’s not.” The text of the station’s story made no mention of this fact, only noting that the mothers of the two kids who didn’t pick up the gun were “still very much shaken.” The reporter did mention it though in the video. McClelland emphasized that parents need to talk to their kids: “Until they know that sometimes it’s not a toy, these accidents will happen.” All families should be armed and all children should be taught about guns and how to use them. The Marxists teach the exact opposite and that is why we have incidents occurring with guns. I think this experiment is very telling.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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