Popular YouTube Channel Shut Down Over Gun Video

Popular YouTube Channel Shut Down Over Gun Video

This has been going on for a while now. The latest episode in media censorship hit yesterday when YouTube suspended Hickok45’s YouTube channel where he features gun videos to over 1.7 million viewers. Google now owns YouTube and evidently Hickok45’s videos were being posted to Google+. He didn’t even realize they were being posted there. No reason was given for the suspension and several hours later, the channel was reinstated. Again, with no explanation. Many of us have seen our various social media accounts suspended on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with little or no explanation and we are forced to go through a lengthy, dubious process to get our accounts back, if we ever do. I feel for this guy and I am thrilled he was reinstated. But it should never have happened to begin with.

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From InfoWars:

A popular firearms channel on YouTube was temporarily suspended by Google Wednesday after allegedly violating the company’s terms of service.

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According to Hickok45, the Tennessee-based gun enthusiast with more than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube alone, Google suspended the channel without warning after his latest video was automatically posted to the Google+ social media platform.

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This is sheer censorship when it comes to guns and it violates our constitutional rights. And it’s not just guns… if you say things that are negative about Islam, you are libel to get suspended as well. I’ve been warned over abortion issues too. Anything that is conservative in nature is a target to be censored, including Christianity. “I‘m sick and tired of companies being ‘sensitive’ about gun topics,” one Facebook user said. “Facebook (advertising), Microsoft, Google, everyone is ‘Sensitive’ about our 2nd amendment rights while themselves leaning heavily on the 1st amendment.” I’m right there with them on this issue. If the social media outlets keep this up, a new one will arise that does not stifle our rights and they will be an overnight mega-success. Banning is a two-way street.

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