Trump Slams Obama on Gun Control: “I don’t like anything changing our 2nd Amendment.”

Trump Slams Obama on Gun Control: “I don’t like anything changing our 2nd Amendment.”

I guarantee whatever Obama has planned next week, it will be unconstitutional and infuriating. He meets with Loretta Lynch on Monday to discuss shredding our constitutional right to bear arms. Donald Trump just did an interview on Face the Nation that will air tomorrow. In it, he states flatly that he doesn’t like anything that changes our Second Amendment rights. I couldn’t agree more. Obama will go for background checks for all buyers at gun shows. People will quit buying guns at those places if he does that. It’s the principle of the thing. They’ll go to private sales – one on one. If it is a state where private sales have to be vetted, you will see a black market rise up. The minute Trump or Cruz get into office, it is sure to be scuttled. I also wouldn’t put it past Obama to go for outright gun confiscation.

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From Impulse Today:

In an interview that is scheduled to air on Sunday, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump criticized the newly reported plans of President Barack Obama to use executive action towards gun control.

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“I don’t like it,” Trump said in the interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “I don’t like anything having to do with changing our Second Amendment.”

On Monday, Obama is scheduled to have a meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch about his options for taking executive action on this issue. The president has continued to push for new gun control regulation in wake of the deadly mass shooting that took place in San Bernardino, California last month.

It is reported that Obama’s executive order would require all buyers who purchase firearms at gun shows to undergo background checks first. The White House is likely going to talk about the details of this executive action next week.

In his interview, Trump said there there are “plenty of rules and regulations” that already exist to prevent mass shootings, but the Obama administration isn’t enforcing them. That’s exactly right. But Obama has never been one to follow the law, just dictate it. Trump then addressed mental health as a reason for the shootings. That is part of the reason they occur. But certainly not the primary one. He said mental health facilities are closing “all over the world.” And they are. What’s even more worrisome though is the Islamic organized terrorism and crime that is spreading like a cancer across the globe. “All they want to do is blame the guns, and it’s not the gun that pulls the trigger,” Trump said. Once again, Trump gets it right and this is why Americans love the guy… he stands for freedom, not for taking it away like Obama does.

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