Colorado Man Makes an Offer to Purchase Mail-In Ballots for $5 Each

Seriously? This is actively inviting voter fraud big time into Colorado’s electoral process. I believe it is absolutely calculated by the way, as stacking votes for the Progressives in that state seems to be an art form. In a ridiculously so-called honor system on mail-in ballots, anything goes and votes are now for sale — cheap at $5 each.

From National Review Online:

The fun has begun in Colorado, where a new law has loosened an avalanche of mandatory mail-in ballots. With polling booths there having gone the way of wooden skis, a so-called “honor” system assumes that eligible people, and no one else, will complete their own ballots.

This touchingly naïve — if not deliberately permissive — new arrangement suddenly has come under scrutiny, thanks to Brian Dorsey of Pueblo, Colorado. He posted a jaw-dropping item on Facebook announcing that he was “ISO” or “In search of…mail in ballots…$5 each.” He offered to “BARTER, SELL, AND BUY, NO RULES.”

After incensed Facebook readers complained, Colorado authorities sprang into action. Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz informed the local sheriff who dropped in on Dorsey.

“The man did admit to posting the comment, but said he was just joking and poking fun at mail in ballots, something he’s against,” according to NBC affiliate KOAA-TV. Court papers indicate that Dorsey “did not have any extra ballots, so no arrest was made.”

So, Dorsey got the heat off his back by saying that he only was joking. (Remember that, for future reference.) What if the sheriff had not shown up? One week from today, would Dorsey be laughing about his hilarious little “joke,” or would he be wading knee-deep in mail-in ballots? Would he just stare at them or fill them out to benefit his favorite politicians? Would he stack these ballots in little piles or retail them to some campaign operative eager to give a candidate that extra smidgen of support that could mean victory in a skin-tight vote tally?

I’m sorry… I’m not laughing here. I consider ‘throwing elections’ to be dead serious. This is no joking matter and he’s a liar most likely anyway. There is no voter oversight here anymore. Anyone can sign a ballot and John Doe simply witnesses the voter fraud and says good to go. Vote collection boxes in Colorado are also unsupervised. Fair and honest elections all over the country are becoming a thing of the past, just like our freedoms.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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