Condi Rice Positions Herself to Cash In on Cap & Trade

It’s almost impossible to overstate the economic devastation that would be wrought by Tax & Charade, should it follow healthcare nationalization through the Senate for Comrade Obama’s eager signature. Not only would it represent by far the largest tax hike in history — at a time the economy couldn’t possibly withstand it — but it would effectively drive whole industries overseas, pushing our unemployment rate to levels not seen since the Great Depression, which uncoincidentally was the last time left-wing Democrats had such unchallenged power.

But it wouldn’t be a disaster for everyone. Those who are properly positioned in the corrupt establishment stand to profit handsomely from everyone else’s misery. Prominent examples are Al Gore and GE (owner of NBC). Another example is supposedly conservative Condoleezza Rice:

Condoleezza Rice is on the board of directors for a new energy company hoping to take advantage of cap-and-trade legislation.

The former secretary of state, who has been teaching political science at Stanford University since the end of the Bush administration, is taking a leading role in a start-up straight out of the university known for its technological prowess. The stealth start-up, called C3, is hoping to make carbon cap-and-trade systems for businesses, according to TechCrunch.

Rice isn’t the only politically connected player on the board. C3 also counts former Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham.

Abraham also served under W, and prior to that represented Michigan in the Senate as a Republican.

The company is the brainchild of Thomas Siebel, founder of Siebel Systems, which was bought by Cisco in 2005 for $5.7 billion. Siebel is no political slouch himself — he took a lead role in introducing vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to California. …

Of course, the company’s future viability depends on whether Congress adopts a cap-and-trade system, which the Obama administration has been pushing for.

The Obama administration… and others who stand to profit by throwing literally millions out of work and relegating the US economy to second-rate status in the name of a discredited hoax.

If anyone could be more pernicious than the liberals currently dismantling our country, it’s the perfidious pseudoconservatives who loot and profiteer along with them while sailing under a false flag.

Stands to profit nicely from America’s demise.

On a tip from Byron. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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