Hugo Chavez’s Daughter Maria Gabriela Is Richest Person in Destitute Socialist Venezuela

Because Obama took power in 2009 and Hugo Chavez in 1999, Venezuela is a decade ahead of us on the road to socialism. Looks like that road doesn’t get any less rocky as you go:

Venezuelan supermarkets are increasingly being targeted by looters as swollen lines and prolonged food shortages spark frustration in the OPEC nation struggling with an economic crisis.

Shoppers routinely spend hours in lines to buy consumer staples ranging from corn flour to laundry soap, turning lines into venues for shoving matches and now more frequent attempts to plunder shops. …

Fifty-six incidents of looting and 76 looting attempts took place in the first half of 2015, according local NGO Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict, which based the figures on media reports and testimony of observers around the country.

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Surely our leaders will see what is going on in Venezuela, and be reminded that the same thing happened in Russia. They will realize that socialism does not work, and they will turn back toward freedom — won’t they?

No they will not. Because socialism does work — for the ruling class, even if not for anyone else.

For example:

According to the Miami-based Diario Las América, Venezuelan media sources will soon publish materials showing that María Gabriela Chávez has bank accounts in the U.S. and Andorra with assets totaling nearly $4.2 billion.

If the claim is true, Chávez’s daughter would be the richest person in Venezuela…

Those figures stand in stark contrast to the overall state of the Venezuelan economy, which has been plagued by the collapse of oil prices, spiraling inflation rates caused by untenable fiscal policies and massive shortages of the most basic commodities…

Despite Venezuela’s massive oil wealth, the country may soon face starvation due to socialism. But Maria Gabriela Chavez isn’t going to starve, any more than Obama’s daughters will when America reaches the same point on the road.

Hugo Chavez is gone now, but Maria Gabriela still lives large.

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