Senator Bob “Scumbag” Menendez

Democratic Senator Bob Menendez is back in the news, once again over allegations that he traveled to the Dominican Republic, where he got it on with underage prostitutes.:  In a typical case of media bias, the story has been buried by most big-name media sources – the allegations first surfaced just prior to the 2012 election, but have failed to gain widespread attention.:  They seem to be picking up steam now, as the Florida office of the donor whose jet Menendez took to the Dominican Republic has been raided by the FBI, though it is not yet clear whether the FBI raid is tied to Menendez being a scumbag.

At the very least, Menendez is corrupt.:  He flew around in a donor’s private jet, and used his influence as a US Senator to try and help that same donor with his business in the Dominican Republic.:  So at the very least, Menendez is a corrupt scumbag who shouldn’t be trusted in the United States Senate.

But the allegations about prostitution are the truly disturbing side of the story.

Menendez is not just accused of soliciting prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.:  While it would still be objectionable for a sitting US Senator to be engaging in that kind of activity, were that just the case, I would at least understand the Left’s silence on this scandal.:  But Menendez is facing accusations that he was having sex with underage prostitutes, and that is the kicker.:  It also begs the question of whether Menendez was supporting human trafficki

In a letter obtained and published by the group “Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington” (CREW), a young Dominican woman writes about meeting both Menendez and his campaign donor, Dr. Salomon Melgen, on multiple occasions.:  The letter alleges that Menendez “likes the youngest and newest girls.”:  Two Dominican women interviewed by the site The Daily Caller identified Menendez, stating that he paid them for sex…one of them even said Menendez stiffed her, paying her only $100 after they had agreed on $500.

The most interesting aspect of this is how Democrats are circling the wagons around Menendez.:  The Senator isn’t admitting to anything, of course.:  He is alleging that the accusations are false, and amount to nothing more than lies trumped up by a right-wing blog.:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Menendez a “friend” and an “outstanding senator,” and he, too, bashed The Daily Caller as a partisan website.

We already know that any sex scandal perpetrated by a Democrat will be denied by the entire party even after any allegations are proven true – especially when it comes to prostitution (see: Barney Frank).:  John Edwards, who cheated on his cancer-stricken wife even while using his wife’s cancer to gain sympathy during his presidential campaign, was only shunned by the party once the story finally gained national coverage – despite overwhelming evidence of Edwards’s affair and use of campaign funds to try and hide his illicit behavior, the media willingly ignored the story until it finally gained enough momentum that they looked foolish for waiting so long to report on it.

But then, the fact that Bill Clinton, who not only committed adultery in the Oval Office, but lied about it under oath and embarrassed our nation on the world stage, is still one of the Democrats’ very favorite people in the world.

One thing is for certain: if you’re going to get into a sex scandal, it pays to be a Democrat.

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