When The Left Is Watched: Racism!

Organizing for America, ACORN and whatever new name and incarnation of these Democrat groups may be blame Republicans for the recent fire burning down the building with voting machines in Houston, Texas. Of course, the accusation is patently false.

What is more interesting to me is this reported by Brad Jackson:

Smith didn’t stop with his accusations at just voter suppression, he also claimed that the Right, specifically True the Vote, is racist. As is standard Democrat practice these days, whenever you disagree with them, or work against a policy or political initiative they are supporting, you are immediately racist. What’s his basis for this? Well the head of True the Vote is white, and as he says, “a video on their website pictures only people of color when it talks of voter fraud.” The video is linked here, and embedded below. I want you to go to the 2:10 mark in the video and look at who is holding the ACORN sign behind the speakers head. Who is that in the middle of the screen Glenn? A white lady. Sure, there are African-Americans in the picture, but there are also whites, however, Smith tends to ignore things that don’t support his argument.

Please go read the whole thing.

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Anyway, Democrats like doing what Democrats do–unfettered and unobserved. When they’re caught red-handed and exposed, they cry racism.

It used to work. These days, I think the sting has left the cry of racism. Rant on, Democrats. You’ll be watched anyway.

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