Kid Rock Tells Anti-Confederate Flag Hysterics To Kiss His….

….well, you know

(Rolling Stone) Even as South Carolina and major retailers officially disconnect themselves from the Confederate flag, the controversial symbol continues to have a prominent presence at Kid Rock‘s concerts. On Monday, the National Action Network’s Michigan chapter protested outside the Detroit Historical Museum, which houses a Kid Rock exhibit, demanding that the rocker stop displaying the Confederate flag, Deadline Detroit reports. In a statement to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Kid Rock relayed his message to those upset in his native Detroit: “Please tell the people who are protesting to kiss my ass/Ask me some questions.”

Although Kid Rock was born and raised in Michigan, a Union state during the Civil War, the rocker has adopted the Confederate flag in recent years to highlight his Rebel Soul, the name of his 2012 album. In recent years, Rock has retreated to his estate in rural Alabama. Rock also toured extensively with Lynyrd Skynyrd, another – albeit Southern – act that made frequent use of the Confederate flag.

In fact, Skynyrd was against the harsh treatment of Blacks in the South, was against Governor George Wallace, and was for Black equality. Their use of the Confederate Flag was based on Southern Pride, much like northern liberals have this pride about living in Big Cities and denigrate “Flyover America”.

As Fox News points out, Kid Rock aligns himself with the Southern pride connotations of the flag and not its racial implications, since Rock’s son Robert Ritchie Jr., is biracial, and as of December 2014, the First Kiss singer also has biracial grandchildren.

Interestingly, most of those whining about a flag seem rather unconcerned about Black on Black violence. Of course, these same liberals isolate themselves in enclaves that are so white that they would make members of the Aryan Nation comfortable. And their policies do wonders in keeping Blacks poor, uneducated, and stuck in ghettos.

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