[VIDEO] 5-yr-old autistic boy was “screaming his lungs out” as he came “flying out of the door” of an SUV during a botched theft

[VIDEO] 5-yr-old autistic boy was “screaming his lungs out” as he came “flying out of the door” of an SUV during a botched theft

Well these two win parents of the year. I know when I want to do something fun with my family, I often ask my boyfriend to load up the kids and do a quick robbery of our local Walmart. I can’t even believe these people. From the Boston Herald:


A 5-year-old boy was “screaming his lungs out” Sunday as he came “flying out of the door” of an SUV during a botched theft of a flat-screen TV from a Falmouth Wal-Mart by his mom and her boyfriend, according to police reports released yesterday.

Eyewitnesses said they ran to help as the crying boy fell “out of the car onto the ground” and then got up and started to chase the SUV.

“My husband ran after the child, who was heading for the main road,” one witness said of the wild scene outside the 
Teaticket Highway Wal-Mart about 1 p.m.

Another witness told police the child was screaming while being “dragged” to the car “by the neck” before the man tossed him into the SUV and then jammed a TV into the back seat.

“As (the mother) sped around the corner, her son comes flying out of the door, hits the tar road, they speed off in the road while he runs and chases them screaming his lungs out,” the police report states.

The witnesses said the boy’s mother and the man came back “several minutes later” to retrieve the boy — who the mother said was “autistic,” reports state.

The grandmother of the boy told the Herald yesterday the youngster is doing OK, but she has been left to pick up the pieces.

“It’s a mess,” said Joyce Degerolamo of Walpole. “I wish it didn’t happen, but it did.”

Degerolamo tearfully said she spent all yesterday morning on the phone with authorities trying to reunite with her grandson, hopefully today.

According to the Department of Children and Families, which is investigating the case, DCF tries to place children who are in similar situations in the custody of relatives, if possible.

Degerolamo’s 29-year-old daughter, Lisa, and Daniel McLaughlin, 29, are accused of stealing a $700 58-inch TV from the Wal-Mart.

Falmouth police later arrested the couple at their West Yarmouth home.

The two embraced and shared a quick kiss as they appeared in Falmouth District Court at their 
arraignment yesterday.

Both pleaded not guilty to several charges, including reckless endangerment of a child, larceny and possession of a child without a seat belt.

They’re being held on $2,500 bail, but their lawyers said they won’t be able to post it.

Their next court appearance is set for Monday.

Poor little dude. He must be so frightened and not understand why he is not with his mommy. Why this genius lady decided to rob a Wal-Mart with her disabled son, we will probably not ever know, but maybe the court should SERIOUSLY re-evaluate the custody situation of this little guy in the future.

Video of the actual arrest:

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