Big Government: People Need A License To Showcase And Allow Pictures Of Llamas

Conservatives are often asked what our problem is with Government, usually followed by the strawman from Liberals that we want to do away with all government. First, the anarchists tend to vote Democrat. Second, we do not want to do away with government, we want to reign in the size and, more important, scope of government. Government that constantly has mission creep, that is a bit too dictatorial, too intrusive, too bossy, too ridiculous. Case in point

(AP) The llamas that became a social media sensation running around a Phoenix-area retirement enclave last month are saying goodbye to the spotlight with one last event Saturday.

Kahkneeta and Laney, whose televised dash mesmerized the Internet and Sun City residents, will likely be making their final public appearance at a Phoenix race track, according to owners Bub Bullis and Karen Freund.

Here we go

The llama drama that spawned jokes and Twitter hashtags also got the attention of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Freund said.

A USDA official contacted them shortly after the Feb. 26 incident, saying they needed a license to showcase their llamas or even allow people to snap photos of them, the couple said. Neither was aware of such a policy. The husband and wife, who are both retired Phoenix police officers, had planned to continue offering the llamas for therapy and educational purposes.

That’s right: a member of a federal government agency actually told them that. A license. It seems like we need a license for everything these days. Part of it simply means giving government money. Did you know that the person selling you a car needs a license? They don’t have to earn it, take a test, or anything other than work for a dealership and pay a fee. Want to show your llamas to help out people? You need a license. Want to simply live as an American? Purchase health insurance Or Else.

“They just totally destroyed everything I had planned for my retirement,” Freund said. “We’ve taken them to schools before. Now they’re telling me I can’t do anything, even like a photo shoot.”

Freund said she is frustrated because the USDA won’t respond to any of her follow-up calls about the matter because everything has to be in writing. So they are giving up for now.

They say if the USDA wants to fine them, so be it. They won’t play the game anymore. Government forgets that they’re there to serve the Citizenry, not the other way around.

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