‘My blood was sucked’: Malawi’s ‘VAMPIRE’ Craze So Out of Control, The UN Had to Leave the Country

‘My blood was sucked’: Malawi’s ‘VAMPIRE’ Craze So Out of Control, The UN Had to Leave the Country

These people know that Twilight wasn’t a documentary, right? For the love of gravy how can anyone even fathom drinking another person’s blood? I stick my finger in my mouth after cutting it with a knife (don’t do that kiddos) and the taste makes me nauseous almost immediately.

But apparently there are some “vampires” in Malawi that are getting their kicks by breaking into homes and sucking the blood of people who are just trying to sleep. It got so bad that the UN and the US Peace Corps was forced to pull their workers out of the area, for fear of being attacked.

In just one district, at least seven people have been killed as a result of the “vampire” stories caused by the rise of a vigilante group that has created a lot of violence in the area.

“This is not hearsay,” said 40 year-old Jamiya Bauleni, who claims to be a victim of the late-night blood-suckers. “I know my blood was sucked. I saw light on the corner of my roof. I failed to stand up from my bed and felt something piercing my left arm.”

People have had enough and engaged in their own protective activity by killing anyone who is suspected of black magic.

A 27 year-old woman shares a similar tale to Bauleni. Florence Kalunga claims to have seen a light “like a fire” and then felt something stab her.

“‘I heard the door open. I felt something like a needle in my finger,” she said.

But the people who are being targeted by these “revenge mobs” are often the more wealthy individuals in an area where poverty is normal.

“They said I was keeping blood suckers,” said entrepreneur Orlendo Chaponda, who came home to people with machetes and stones storming his house. “They could have killed me if they found me.”

“There is no truth about blood suckers, but jealous people and thugs want to take advantage to attack rich people,” Chaponda said, accusing the public of feeding into the hysteria that allows people to be attacked in a witch hunt.

“If you have a nice car, you are a bloodsucker,” he stated.

This is unfortunately common in third-world countries and areas that still believe in witchcraft and voodoo. Perhaps not this particular situation, but situations like it in which victims claim to be attacked by some otherworldly source and people scramble to find someone to blame. That being said, if there are people out there drinking blood for some reason, they can knock it right off. That’s just nasty.

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