“Caitlyn” Jenner Named “Woman of the Year” Despite the Fact He Has Male Genitalia

The liberal feminazi media has decided to shove Bruce “Call Me Caitlyn” Jenner down our throats as some kind of noble hero once again. This time, it’s Glamour Magazine, which has decided to appoint him their “Woman of the Year”… even though, you know, he’s a dude with a penis.


Remember when Caitlyn Jenner was given an award for courage for deciding he was a woman, only it turned out the whole thing was just a giant publicity stunt put together by her/his marketing team? Yeah that guy girl your guess is as good as mine.

Bookmark that while you read Glamour Magazine is naming him as their “Woman of the Year.”

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Caitlyn Jenner and Reese Witherspoon have been tapped to be the 2015 Glamour magazine “Women Of The Year,” a source exclusively tells Gossip Cop. The two women will be featured on covers of the December issue. This year’s “Women Of The Year” marks the 25th anniversary of Glamour bestowing the honor.

Though the official announcement isn’t for another three weeks, an insider says Witherspoon and Jenner have both snagged the “Woman of the Year” titles. Of course, it has been a big year for Jenner, who transitioned from a man to a woman. On April 24, a then-Bruce Jenner told Diane Sawyer during an ABC special, “My brain is much more female, than it is male… For all intents and purposes I am a woman.”

… [H]ow are we, as a society, okay with bestowing a “woman of the year” award to a man? Shouldn’t the feminists be outraged by this clear favoring of a man to an actual, real woman? Were there really no other accomplished women to choose from that Glamor had no choice but to give a woman’s award to a dude in a dress? Seems like a giant high-heeled step backwards for feminism, if a tranny is more deserving of a woman’s award than a bonafide, biological female. According to Glamor the best woman of the year is a man. Ladies, your thoughts?

As a woman, this is incredibly insulting — could they not have chosen an actual woman to give the award to? They are ignoring countless women with actual accomplishments to favor a man from one of the most notorious famewhore families in existence whose only achievements for this year were that he has gotten lots of ass pats for dressing in drag, pretending to be a woman, and — oh yeah! — killing someone. Right… obviously there are no better candidates for Woman of the Year.

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