Cameras Turn To Guy At Game Who Suddenly Freaks Out Taking His Arm Off Girl (VIDEO)

Cameras Turn To Guy At Game Who Suddenly Freaks Out Taking His Arm Off Girl (VIDEO)

Affairs aren’t necessarily unusual — people, unfortunately, cheat on their spouses. They always have and they always will. Most of the time, the cheaters do everything they can to avoid getting caught. But some people are so arrogant that they think they can do whatever they want and escape detection. Others are just stupid. And this guy? Well, he’s probably just stupid.

A video was posted earlier this month on Reddit, of a couple attending a Boston Red Sox game. The Red Sox were playing the Cleveland Indians in Cleveland, but the couple may be from out of town, as they were both sporting Red Sox gear.

They were sitting comfortably together, the man with his arm wrapped around her shoulders. But the jumbotron cameras caught them and put them on the big screen for everyone to see — and everything changed. He immediately removed his arm while his date looked away, clearly uncomfortable and fidgeted with a rubber band.

You can see the awkward video here:

Redditors had varying opinions on what was happening in the video, with some pointing out that the reaction from the two just made the situation worse. “The funny part is once you’ve been seen with the arm on her what does taking it off do except to make you both look even guiltier?” one person asked.

But others pointed out that evidence seems to show that she may be the guilty one. They noticed that she was wearing a Red Sox hat, pulled low over her face and when she noticed the camera was on them, she was the one who told him to “get off.”

“She’s the one who tells him what’s up,” a Redditor argued. “You can read her mouth ever slightly saying ‘get off.’ That’s when he takes his arm off.”

“Look at how anxious she looks too,” another person wrote in agreement. “People who are calm and not worried don’t do [what] she’s doing with her hands. She looks like she’s worried she’s about to be caught.”

Or was the entire situation nothing suspicious at all? One Reddit user, with the username “sidedude,” commented that it was him and explained what happened. “This is me, the wife and I had no idea we were on TV,” he wrote. “Can’t remember whats happening here although we had a 10/10 date night. Guess my arm needed to go though haha.”

People responded with some skepticism and asked if he would post a picture as proof — and he obliged.

Looks like it’s a happy ending to this story after all.

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