Chain restaurant Introduces A Bacon Burger STUFFED WITH REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!

Chain restaurant Introduces A Bacon Burger STUFFED WITH REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!

This is either going to be off-the-charts, crazy good, or the worst invention to ever plague mankind.

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From USA Today:

Foodie website certainly thinks so, saying “this burger leaves a strange taste in our mouths.” And Food and Wine, a high-end gourmet magazine, sniffs that the creation could be “the scariest Halloween trick of all.”

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But on the Works’ Facebook page, reaction was overwhelmingly enthusiastic for the $15.98 (Canadian) item, which comes with a choice of eight sides.

“It’s so wrong that it’s right,” said one excited poster.

And on Twitter, one sampler declared that it was, “Definitely worth it!! Chocolate & peanut butter on a burger = strange but delicious!!”

And another Facebooker, having tasted the crazy creation, pronounced: “This was seriously amazing! Hubby and I both loved it!”

Meanwhile, the Works itself, which started in 2001 with a single restaurant in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, claimed on Facebook that “people are loving it!”

Bruce Miller, one of three co-owners of the eateries – 22 of which are franchised and four company-operated – says the Reese PBC burger has been a huge hit. “Our guests have been voting with their mouths already, making these three burgers our top sellers,” he told USA TODAY. (The chain also debuted the Loaded Lucy – stuffed with melted cheese – and the Burgeroni, which is stuffed with chorizo sausage.)

It’s not a fluke or a mere stunt, says Miller, who says the chain’s new dishes are taste-tested with focus groups and initially introduced at only a couple of restaurants.

Publicity around the new creation comes as the World Health Organization’s cancer agency warned that eating hot dogs, ham and other processed meat can cause cancer. The group said that each 50-gram portion — about two strips of bacon — of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%. Consuming red meat was also linked to colorectal, pancreatic and prostate cancer, but the link was not as strong, the agency said.

Still want to get your hands on one? Bad news: The chocaholic treat, which is on menus for limited time, is only available until Jan. 10 (though continued strong sales could presumably make it a permanent fixture).

There’s good news, too: Miller says the Works’ burgers may soon be coming to the United States, reporting high interest among potential franchisees at a recent trade show.

This place alone might make a trip to our neighbors to the North worth it!

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