Child Predator Tries to Snatch a Toddler in Broad Daylight – But Two Brave Kids Have Another Idea

Child Predator Tries to Snatch a Toddler in Broad Daylight – But Two Brave Kids Have Another Idea

Every mother’s worst nightmare is that one of her children will be kidnapped. When a toddler get snatched in broad daylight, a pair of siblings wasted no time in saving their baby brother:


As two siblings played at a local park with their baby brother, the last thing they could have expected was an abduction.

The kids had been momentarily left alone by their babysitter in what the family thought was a safe area in their small, Washington state town. But while 10-year-old Brenden and 8-year-old Delicia were playing, their baby brother Owen was snatched from his stroller by an unidentified suspect.

Instead of just waiting for someone else to come and help, Brenden and Delicia took action.

CCTV cameras captured the chilling footage of the suspect running down the street with Owen in his arms and Brenden and Delecia on his heels.

ABC 12 elaborated:
“The incredible video from a a grocery store in Sprague shows a man running down the street with a toddler in his arms.”

“The child’s older sister and brother are then seen following right behind, trying to rescue 22-month-old Owen.”

“Witnesses said they could hear the young girl screaming for the suspect to stop.”

Eye-witness and grandmother Dorothy Giddings told KXYL:

“This little girl come running around the corner screaming her head off.”

Giddings even dispatched her grandson and his friend to join in the pursuit.

The group effort led to the would-be kidnapper setting Owen down in an abandoned park in order to make his own escape.

With the suspect still at large, authorities are crediting little Owen’s rescue to his amazing siblings, Delicia and Brenden.

What amazing kiddos! Good job looking out for your baby brother, and such courage. These guys deserve a pizza party and someday, they can tell this tale to baby brother and maybe he will be a little more grateful for big brother and sister.

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