CREEPER Busted By Dad in Walmart After Taking Pictures of His Daughter [Watch]

CREEPER Busted By Dad in Walmart After Taking Pictures of His Daughter [Watch]

In Dallas, Texas, a local father gave a young man caught taking pictures of his daughter the scare of his life. He wasn’t shy about confronting the creeper in Walmart, either:


The best part about it is that it was all caught on tape.

In the video, a bystander walked up to the confrontation, which can be heard all over the large store. The father was accusing the man of using flash photography to take a picture of his daughter as he walked behind her.

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“That’s why you’re shaking like a leaf like that. I’m not shaking because I saw what I saw, and you’re shaking because you lied. That’s what it is,” the father said, trying to control his anger.

He explained to a Walmart employee, who is apparently trying to stave off a fight, exactly what had happened.

In the video, the creeper with the camera appeared to be shaking violently. It seems apparent that he was in fact guilty — of something, at least.

The man told him that he’s “lucky I’m not going to bust you because otherwise I’m going to get arrested.”

This is a nightmare situation for parents anywhere — in a public, relaxed setting, the sudden knowledge that a child, a daughter, is neither private nor safe. My daughter’s dad would have reacted the same way – but he would have found that creeper in a parking lot and… yea.

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