The Cringe-Worthy Moment Doctor Squeezes LIP FILLER Out of Bloated Cyst

The Cringe-Worthy Moment Doctor Squeezes LIP FILLER Out of Bloated Cyst

Pimple popping videos have become incredibly popular, often going viral. People seem to love watching doctors squeeze gross stuff out of cysts and pimples. But a new video is thrilling even more viewers: a doctor shown fixing a plastic surgery gone terribly wrong.

Dr. Tijion Esho is a British doctor who specializes in aesthetic medicine. His clients allegedly include celebrities, supermodels and even royalty. He has clinics in Newcastle and London, and is the resident cosmetic doctor on the UK show “Body Fixers.”

He recently posted a video to Instagram of a patient with a hard lump underneath her cupid’s bow. It turns out that the lump was caused by lip filler from a botched cosmetic procedure. As Esho squeezes her lip, he also pierced the lump with a needle, which made a substance begin to ooze out of her lip.

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“There is no infection here as there is no puss, inflammation or foreign body reaction,” he explained. “This is a superficial deposit caused by poor product placement. If the cyst is left for too long it calcifies and a puss like substance is produced during the draining process.”

Tell me are you ready for this jelly ???????? #fillers #repairwork #lightwork #fillercyst #lipcyst #fiercesociety

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According to The Daily Mail, such problems are not unusual — up to 70% of Britain’s plastic surgeons see patients who have had problems with temporary skin fillers. Temporary fillers, which can still have side effects, are considered safer than permanent fillers, which can only be removed surgically. If the procedure is botched, there can be infections, swelling, bruising, inflammation and permanent scarring.

Dr. Esho currently has a six-month wait list due to the procedures he pioneered. One, the Nano Droplet technique, lifts the lip by injecting small amounts of filler.

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