Her Daughter Had a Baby With Her Husband, But She’s Happy To Be a Grandmother & Stepmother

Her Daughter Had a Baby With Her Husband, But She’s Happy To Be a Grandmother & Stepmother

It sounds like something off of a trashy daytime talk show. A 25 year-old woman slept with her mother’s husband — her stepfather — and got pregnant… and now, her mother is happy to be both grandmother and stepmother to the baby.

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From the Daily Mail:

Julie King, 47, wed Vince Bienvenu, 41, after a whirlwind romance and thought she’d found true love. However, after just a few months, her new husband began cheating on her…with her 25-year-old daughter.

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Within just a few weeks of the romance beginning, Julie’s daughter Leanne Taylor fell pregnant with Vince’s child and expected her mother to be outraged at the deceit.

However, when Julie discovered the affair, she says she didn’t blame her daughter and the pair have now reconciled with Julie happily bringing up her husband’s 18-month-old daughter Nevaeh as both her step-daughter and her granddaughter.

Leanne says she doesn’t even feel guilty about ruining her mother’s marriage, because she was grieving, having tragically lost her baby daughter Mia to cot death just months earlier in March 2013.

Leanne says that Vince was there with open arms to comfort her and the affair began.

Julie, a phone saleswoman, began dating unemployed Vince in 2012, after being introduced to him by a friend.

After breaking up with a long-term partner and moving in with her sister, she was ready to get out and meet new people again.

A friendship with Vince soon grew into a relationship and the pair decided to wed after a whirlwind romance, with Julie calling the chemistry between the couple ‘amazing.’ The private ceremony saw just two friends attend as witnesses.

What Julie didn’t realise was that the blossoming relationship had upset daughter Leanne, who was also smitten with the gregarious Vince when she first met him.

When Leanne lost her daughter, Mia, in March 2013, to cot death, the couple had been married for just three months, having tied the knot in December.

Lost in grief, Leanne sought solace in family and friends with Vince providing comfort in a way that didn’t go unnoticed by Julie’s other daughter Christine.

Julie says: ‘She told me: “I don’t like their body language when they’re together, Mum. He’s always touching her knee.”

When Julie confronted her husband, he denied it, saying: “Why would I have married you if Leanne was the one I wanted?’”

Julie tried to put the accusations to the back of her mind but when an argument over money saw him storm out, the truth finally reared its head when Leanne confessed to her, saying ‘I slept with Vince the other night.’

Heartbroken, Julie asked her daughter to leave and, when her husband returned home, confronted him again.

Vince told her he was sorry and admitted he had been ‘weak’.

Desperate to save the marriage, Vince persuaded his wife to try counselling but to no avail.

Julie says even the counsellor couldn’t see a future for the couple: ‘They told me I was fighting a losing battle and the trust was gone forever,’ she says.

Despite the obvious betrayal, Julie told MailOnline that she doesn’t hold a grudge against her daughter.

… Mother and daughter didn’t speak for a year but were finally reconciled after a friend set up a meeting between the two in a cafe.

With Leanne then eight months pregnant with Vince’s child, the pair began talking and were soon in each others lives’ again.

Leanne isn’t particularly remorseful for her actions though, saying: ‘Life does go on, that’s it isn’t it?There’s two sides to every story. There’s her side, there’s his side, there’s my side. I don’t see why it should keep getting brought up.’

Julie, who’s still waiting for a divorce from Vince, initially worried about how she would feel about her granddaughter looking like him but made peace with the situation for the sake of her grandchildren.’

She says: ‘I had to let it be between them. I bonded with the baby although it was hard at first because she looked a little bit like him. All I could see was him.

‘Thank God, she looks nothing like him now.’

When asked how he felt about his relationships with Julie and Leanne, Vince said: ‘It’s in the past.’

What a horrible situation to be in. The one bright spot is that baby girl.

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