Drunken Mom Crashes Car, Walks To Buy Alcohol, Then FORGETS Where Car Is With 4-WK Baby Inside

Drunken Mom Crashes Car, Walks To Buy Alcohol, Then FORGETS Where Car Is With 4-WK Baby Inside

This is perhaps the worst parenting fail you’ll ever read about in your life. Terra Brandenburg has undoubtedly earned the “WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR” award for all of 2016.


From The Daily Mail:

A drunk mother crashed her SUV while her four-week old baby was inside and then walked to a gas station to buy a box of wine.

Terra Brandenburg slammed her BMW X-3 SUV into a bridge in West Linn, Oregon, on Wednesday while the child and her Doberman Pinscher were in the back seat.

The 31-year-old mom then got out the car and headed to a 76 gas station to allegedly pick up more booze.

The cashiers told KGW she purchased a small box of chardonnay and walked back out. But just 10 seconds later she walked back in and started shouting at staff.

They said she couldn’t remember where she had left her car – even thought it was just across the street.

She also insisted her baby was missing, and was frantically asking where the child was.

Staff eventually calmed her down and urged her to call the police. Cops were about to issue an amber alert, but realized the car was not stolen, just lost.

When police arrived Brandenburg tried to run away, but was tracked down a short time later and taken into custody.

Cops said they then recovered the baby and the dog, that was angry when they arrived.

Brandenburg was arrested for DUII, initiating a false report, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment, criminal mistreatment, reckless driving and child neglect.

Her blood alcohol content was 0.25, police said, three times the legal limit.

The baby is now in the care of her father.

WLPD Sgt. Dave Kempas told KOIN: ‘I think she just hit the bridge and panicked

Some people just shouldn’t breed.

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