Would you eat a burger made from INSECTS? Meal-worm based food set to hit grocery stores next week

Would you eat a burger made from INSECTS? Meal-worm based food set to hit grocery stores next week

Switzerland is known as a great vacation spot if you are heading to Western Europe, but I can assure you, it’s not because of their new found passion for eating bugs. Gross!

They will now have insect-based foods aimed at human consumers that will go on sale following an alteration of the country’s food safety laws, according to one supermarket.

Switzerland’s second-largest supermarket chain, Coop, announced that it just started to provide and sell its insect burger, as well as insect balls, all made from the ‘protein-rich’ meal-worm…You know what else is protein rich? Chicken. Steak. Pork. Even fish for crying out loud!

The products are coming from a new Swiss startup called Essento and will be purchasable in Coop branches, including in Geneva, Bern and Zurich, when August 21st comes along.

From the Daily Mail:

“Switzerland is the first European country to authorize the sale of insect-based food items for human consumption, a spokeswoman for the country’s food safety authority told AFP.”

“Swiss food safety laws were changed last May to allow for the sale of food items containing three types of insects: crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms, which are the larval form of the mealworm beetle.”

“These insects, long used in animal feed, must be bred under strict supervision for four generations before they are considered appropriate for human consumption, according to Swiss law.”

“Local production will thus take a few months to get started.”

Insects may be full of a lot of protein…but let’s get real here. You have to eat a lot of bugs to even match what humans eat already from common sources that aren’t, how you say? Disgusting! And for those that claim this is to reduce greenhouse gasses and that eating insects is somehow safer for the environment…

Yeah, I’m going to say screw the environment. That’s right. Screw it, because if you put in some policy that eating bugs has to be the norm, I’m perfectly willing to start World War 3 to prevent it. IT’S NOT HAPPENING!

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