Feminist Witch: “I Viscerally Hate Children”…

Feminist Witch: “I Viscerally Hate Children”…

Unbelievable. A feminist witch from Salon is saying she HATES children. What, are you missing a basic element of humanity called kindness? I mean seriously, who the heck hates a BABY? This lady has a screw loose:


Hate Baby

Via Salon (I know, shocker):

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….I identify as a childfree woman, one of a growing demographic of young people for whom having children is not only not in their present, but not in their future, either, entirely by choice. (Syntactically, the childfree are distinguished from the childless—those who want children but cannot or do not have them—because the latter term implies that one is “less” something for not having offspring.) For many, the decision to be childfree is a matter of practicalities: a baby would not fit in with their career and lifestyle, or they aren’t financially secure, or they haven’t yet found The One. While all those things are true in my case, the main reason is much simpler: I basely,emphatically, viscerally hate children.

Wow. I cannot fathom how sad this lady’s life must be. She is almost a borderline sociopath to have absolute hatred toward a small being that literally has no impact on her life. Cool if you don’t want to have kids, but if I was a guy in the dating pool, and I read what you wrote, that would be enough to send me running the opposite way as fast as I could.

Have a nice life, psycho.

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