For 30 YEARS This Man Couldn’t Remember Who He Was, Until NOW- And Memories Are SHOCKING!

Here’s a crazy story from Canada which was thought to involve Niagara Falls but apparently does not

A man who went missing nearly 30 years ago has been found after he suddenly remembered who he is – and he had only been living 80 miles away from home.

Edgar Latulip was 21 when he vanished from a hospital in Kitchener, Ontario, in September 1986.

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He was being treated after trying to commit suicide and, after he disappeared, police believed he had gone to Niagara Falls to kill himself, the Guelph Mercury reported.

His mother, Sylvia Wilson, had long given up hope of seeing her son again until Mr Latulip, now 50, suddenly remembered who he was last month.

He gave a name to a social worker, who searched online and found a missing persons poster with that very name. A DNA test has now confirmed that it is him.

Mr. Latulip apparently has the cognitive abilities of a child, but nevertheless his memory came back and he started piecing together his history…

‘Pieces of his memory started coming back,’ Niagara Regional Police officer Philip Gavin said.

‘Then the social worker found something on the internet that led them to believe this was something more.’

So the family is reunited after 30 years and his mother, who almost suffered a nervous breakdown when she lost him, says she couldn’t be happier. Perhaps there is a happy ending to this story.

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