Hannity Loses It Again, Accuses NeverTrump Of Supporting Abortion

See, because if you don’t support a guy who was “very” pro-abortion not that long ago, who was “pro-choice in every respect“, who is a big fan of Planned Parenthood, and is able to take 5 positions in 3 days on abortion, well, you must be a big supporter of abortion!

(Red State) Seeing the writing on the wall, Trump’s adoring media gimps… er… surrogates went into spastic fits of angst on Thursday morning.

Laura Ingraham, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and everybody’s favorite sensei, Sean Hannity, discussed the final presidential debate, and took outrageous aim at the Never Trump holdouts.

“They’re standing with the woman who stood up there today and said, ‘I’m hundred percent for Roe v. Wade and partial birth abortion,” Ingraham said in reference to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton‘s performance Wednesday evening at the third and final presidential debate.

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“That’s what ‘Never Trump’ stands for, I guess,” she said during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “Roe v. Wade and partial birth abortion. Fantastic.”

Ridiculous and insulting.

It is. But, this is the way Hannity and the Trump Train runs. They’ve been doing this since the early spring, especially when Trump hit the magic number of primary delegates. You either supported Trump, a guy who was a Democrat not that long ago (2011), and held many Democrat positions, and, yes, was a big donor to Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, or you wanted Hillary elected, and were a traitor and a RAT. In no way did the Trumpites attempt to persuade people to vote for Trump. Heck, Trump said he didn’t need Conservatives, he’d woo Bernie Sanders supporters (how’s that worked out, BTW?).

Susan Wright continues

People like Ingraham, Hannity, and the other Trump devotees are trying to scare, bully, or shame principled voters into accepting their candidate. It doesn’t work that way. Nobody isowed our vote. It has to be earned. Trump has shown himself unprofessional, unqualified, and wholly unworthy of our sacred trust.

Hillary is no better. We’re not voting for her, either.

The transcript further shows Hannity losing it even more

Hannity interjected, “Get off their ass! Just say it. Tell them to get off their ass and stop being a bunch of crybabies.”

“I’m so tired of all those people. They don’t deserve any more discussion until the day after election. Then I got a lot to say about [House Speaker] Paul Ryan and the rest of them,” Hannity said.

Much like Trump, Hannity, who used to call himself a Reagan Conservative (does he do that anymore? The limited time I’m willing to tune in anymore hasn’t yielded a mention in the past months) is acting much like Trump, wanting to burn the whole thing down if he doesn’t get his way. Heck, if Trump manages to win, they’ll still want to burn the GOP down, which, let me think, is doing the job of the Democrats! Dissension is not allowed in Trump World. People like Hannity are acting like hardcore Lefties, who have long required that you toe their line or be destroyed.

What you have are people who say their conservatives supporting a man who is anything but a conservative, who is simply patronizing them with supposed conservative talking points, with a record that is contradictory. Maybe they’re trying to convince themselves? Who knows. What we do know is that every time Republicans start thinking “well, perhaps I can vote Trump as a vote against Hillary”, we either get Trump saying something stupid or unhinged people like Hannity saying something nasty.

As Susan end with “you own this.” Trumpites do. They could have chosen someone who polled well against Hillary.

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