Headline: MYSTERY! ‘Tribesman’ Of Possible LOST Pygmy Tribe Found Caught On RARE Footage! [WATCH]

Headline: MYSTERY! ‘Tribesman’ Of Possible LOST Pygmy Tribe Found Caught On RARE Footage! [WATCH]

A group of bikers riding down a dirt track near Banda Aceh, on the northern tip off the island of Sumatra, spotted something so bizarre they stopped dead in their tracks. They pulled over to take a video of what they saw…

While the motorcyclists were travelling down the track they saw a small bald man leap out of the trees. One of the bikers fell to the ground as the mystery figure ran away. One biker continued down the track in pursuit of the skittish man, who had jumped into the bushes by the side of the road.

The bikers stopped at the spot where the man disappeared to look for him in the bushes. The figure escaped behind a tree because the grass was higher than he was. The motorcyclists ventured into the bushes to see where the ‘tribesman’ went and found the large stick he was carrying.

Some YouTube viewers said that the mysterious man was a member of a lost pygmy tribe in Indonesia. There have been rumors of this tribe, called the Mante tribe. It is said that members of this mythical tribe are said to be smaller than the average man and flee when they see people from the outside world. The Mante people are said to be a legend and the only recorded sighting of the tribe was in the 17th Century. Archaeologists found evidence of an ancient race of small ‘hobbit-like’ humans on the island of Flores, on the other side of the archipelago in 2003.

Homo floresiensis are believed to have been around 3-and-a-half feet tall and lived around 50,000 years ago.
Fossils of the ‘Flores hobbit’ showed that the early people had small brains and no chin.

While some scientists believe the species were completely separate from the modern human, others argue Homo floresiensis just had growth problems.

The video has gone viral on social media since being released March 22. Over two million views are recorded on this video in less than a week. They say there are possibly up to seven tribes who still live in the northern province of Aceh. These groups are mainly farmers and gatherers living off the land in the remote stretched of Sumatra. Check out this amazing video for yourself below:

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