Hunters Thought They’d Found A Regular Pig – A Closer Look Reveals DISTURBING Truth

Hunters Thought They’d Found A Regular Pig – A Closer Look Reveals DISTURBING Truth

After shooting and killing a feral hog in Morgan Hill, California, one Reddit user posted a disturbing picture of the catch.

rsizeblueFrom The Conservative Tribune:

Pictures of a deceased feral pig that was hunted and shot on a ranch in Morgan Hill, California, surfaced on Reddit and quickly went viral as social media users attempted to solve the mystery of why its insides were not what anyone expected.

The Reddit user explained that his in-laws shot the wild hog, which is fairly common in the area as wild hogs are considered pests known to damage land and crops. Unlike other pests, the benefit of taking down a feral hog is that you can butcher it and enjoy its meat.

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But when they went to slice the beast open, they were taken aback by what they found. The fat inside the hog, which is usually white in color was instead a shade of neon blue.

Theories about why this hog’s fat was blue were plentiful, with some insisting that the pig drank from a body of water near a candy factory or similar plant that uses blue food dyes. Others were sure that the pig had ingested some type of poison known to have similar effects.

A sample of the fat was sent to the University of California to find out exactly why it was so blue.

What do you think was the cause of such significant coloration?

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