Is Vladimir Putin is IMMORTAL? New “Evidence” Suggests He Hasn’t Aged In 100 Years! [Pic]

Is Vladimir Putin is IMMORTAL? New “Evidence” Suggests He Hasn’t Aged In 100 Years! [Pic]

A photograph from almost 100 years ago has some on social media convinced that Russian leader Valdimir Putin is immortal. This is just crazy and silly but worth a look at what the moon bats want us to believe:

vlad twinning

The picture, taken in 1920, shows a Russian solider who has an uncanny resemblance to the country’s current leader.
What’s more, another photo taken of a Russian solider in 1941 also looks just like Putin and the man who was pictured 20 years prior.

Some think this is definitive proof that Putin is much more than a 63-year-old workout buff with a penchant for riding horses shirtless.

These people instead believe he is a mythical creature who is ageless and can time travel. reports; ‘On social networks are circulating pictures from 1920. and in 1941. for which some people claim that they are pictures of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

‘In fact, supporters of the thesis that Putin is almighty and immortal, have launched a story that their president is a mythical creature that resides on our planet for hundreds, if not thousands of years.’

Some also believe that Putin is Vlad the Impaler, who was born in 1431 and is better known as Dracula.

There is also proof, as supplied by Buzzfeed this past June, that Putin also briefly lived as Lisa Gherardini, the subject of the Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting.

Given she was painted in the early 1500s, Putin perhaps decided to go undercover after living out his life as Vlad the Impaler.

Or he may have just traveled back in time and posed for the painting.

None of these above claims have been scientifically proven in any way with the exception of the fact that Putin is in fact a 63-year-old man who runs Russia and enjoys a good shirtless horse ride.

That’s ok. We enjoy a shirtless horse ride too, Putin.


This is such a bunch of silliness. If you were rich and famous, don’t you think that a bunch of doppelganger pictures would emerge of you on the Internet? Of course they would. This is nothing more than entertainment and a coincidence.

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