We Know It’s Weird, But You Have To See This Pet Fish – He LOVES Cuddling! [VIDEO]

We Know It’s Weird, But You Have To See This Pet Fish – He LOVES Cuddling! [VIDEO]

Just like in the famous children’s book, A Fish Out of Water, written by Helen Palmer Geisel and illustrated by P. D. Eastman, this Missouri fish owner is attached to his little orange fish.

Bon Shaw, who owns this blood parrot cichlid, posted a video of his delightfully affectionate piscine friend on YouTube and over 1.4 million folks have clicked on it. Everyone loves it! The adorable orange pet looks to get his owner’s attention every time Shaw walks into the room. He does it by darting from side to side. Why? He loves to be petted just like a dog or a cat. How adorable is that?

The owner often obliges the little fella by spending time rubbing him, as the fish swims around and around his hand.
The little guy will even forgo his food just to make contact with Shaw.

Shaw said: “This little guy just loves to watch me wherever I am in the room, he’ll do anything to get my attention.”

“When I look at him he flares out his gills and dances from side to side just hoping that I’ll come over to play. If I drop food in the aquarium he’ll ignore it and hope to play. I have to walk away to get him to go find the food which has floated away by then.”

The blood parrot cichlid is a controversial hybrid of the midas and the redhead cichlid and was first bred in Taiwan around 1986. But controversy or not, this cichlid loves his cuddles and snuggles.

In the Disney movie, Finding Nemo, Bruce the Great White Shark famously remarks, “Fish are friends not food.” This little orange buddy is most definitely a friend to Bon Shaw of Blue Springs, Missouri. So here’s to you little fish, for adding cheer to your owner’s little corner of the world! May you live a long and snuggly life.

See video below.

Sonja Bochow

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