Major Things That Concern People: Selfies While Voting

Welcome to 2016

( The state lawmaker looking to lift the ban on ballot selfies says New Jerseyans who want to post photos from the voting booth shouldn’t be too worried come Election Day.

But the prohibition remains law.

Last month, State Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (D-Hudson) introduced a bill that would legalize the practice of polling place self-portraiture, arguing laws forbidding such photos are behind the times.

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His bill (A4188) unanimously cleared the Assembly Judiciary Committee earlier this month, but won’t make it through the Legislature ahead of November 8.

According to an Associated Press review of the laws across the United States, New Jersey is one of 18 states where statutes are considered to prohibit the practice.

It would be easy to dismiss this as utter fluff, no big deal, and it should be that way, however, for many people, taking a selfie is Very Important. It’s a matter of Rights! Some people just have to take a selfie (or a picture of their food or beverage) on a constant basis, and probably start stressing out if they don’t, much like the joke about vegans

Just change it to “when you’re somewhere and haven’t taken a selfie in the last 5 minutes”. This is serious business

Court challenges to anti-selfie statutes have cropped up across the U.S. Last week, three New York voters filed a lawsuit seeking to have that state’s prohibition tossed. A month earlier, another federal court struck down New Hampshire’s ban.

Here’s an idea: go vote, then, when you’re outside the polling place, take your selfie. You can wait. Jessica Biel, wife of Justin Timberlake, waited. And then made fun of Justin. You’ll be OK. Breathe. And you won’t slow things down while attempting to take the perfect selfie, nor expose the faces of people who thought they were voting in private.

“I don’t think people should be worried about posting a ballot selfie on Instagram or Snapchat or whatever,” the assemblyman said. “In fact, I plan to.”

No, they shouldn’t be worried. I doubt anyone will prosecute. But, it is fun that Mukherji (Democrat) is explicitly stating that he plans to break the law.

Seriously. Selfies.

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