Man Gets New Job, Gets Drunk, Wakes Up On 75 ft. High Glass Roof [VIDEO]

Man Gets New Job, Gets Drunk, Wakes Up On 75 ft. High Glass Roof [VIDEO]

It’s always exciting to get a new job, right? But this guy apparently celebrated a little too much, because he woke up in a very strange place.

isaac moore

From Metro:

Isaac Moore, 27, went out to celebrate getting a new job and woke up with a firefighter next to him.

He was found on top of the Grand Arcade in Cambridge on Satruday after having somehow climbed the curved glass roof.

A court heard today that he’d drunk six pints before scaling the building.

He first denied the offence but when police asked if he had caused a public nuisance he said: ‘Yeah, I was found on the roof so I suppose I did.’

He told police he thought it was an overreaction when he was arrested.

His solicitor said: ‘He is very embarrassed and ashamed of his behaviour and in no way does he seek to diminish or minimize the impact of his actions on the public and the emergency services.

‘He had gone out on Saturday to celebrate a new job, clearly he drank too much and has no recollection how he ended up on that roof.’

Eleven shops had to be evacuated and a cordon was put in place while he was rescued.

Maybe next time, he’ll remember this and know not to drink quite so much. Or maybe he can try keeping his celebrating at home, with a trusted friend who can keep him from doing idiotic things like scaling a roof!

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