Man Squeezes 30 Year-Old Pimple – Watch the YELLOW GOOP Squirt Out [VIDEO]

Man Squeezes 30 Year-Old Pimple – Watch the YELLOW GOOP Squirt Out [VIDEO]

There have been a lot of disgusting pimple-popping videos, thanks to their newfound popularity over the last few years. But this one might just take the cake as the worst video ever. This Canadian man had a pimple on his back for 30 years and it was the size of a ping-pong ball. And when he finally had it removed, it was seriously gross.


A friend of the man gets to work removing the cyst, wearing rubber gloves. When they get started, the man can be seen clenching his fists, possibly because removing the cyst is painful. After a few seconds, the contents of the cyst start to come out… and it’s disgusting.

“Holy f***,” the friend can be heard saying. Off-camera, a woman yells, “Oh my God, that’s f****** disgusting! It’s like cheese!”, while more screams can be heard in the background. Meanwhile, the patient was asking what it looks like. And what it looks like is a neverending stream of thick yellow paste.

Apparently, it was smelly too, according to the man squeezing the cyst. “Oh my God,” he can be heard saying. “That could gag a maggot. Holy f***.” To top things off, the amateur pimple-popper holds a clump of pus in front of the “patient’s” face, so he can see for himself what had been underneath his skin for 30 years. He was so shocked that he threw himself backwards, knocking the phone out of the cameraman’s hands.

It’s believed that the man’s cyst is a lipoma, a benign growth of fat cells underneath the skin. Treatment is not required, as it is not harmful, but people often want them removed because they don’t like the appearance, or because it’s uncomfortable. Lipomas are easily removed, but it’s best to have a doctor do it and not a friend to avoid the wound becoming infected.

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