Man Takes His PET CROCODILE to Public Beach — Chaos Ensues (PHOTOS) [VIDEO]

Man Takes His PET CROCODILE to Public Beach — Chaos Ensues (PHOTOS) [VIDEO]

People go to the beach and assume that they’ll be having fun in the sand and the water. They know that there are some dangerous animals to contend with — jellyfish, crabs, sharks. But no one expects to come face to face with a crocodile. That’s exactly what happened in Russia, however, when a man decided to take his pet crocodile for a walk at the beach.

A man took the crocodile on a beach in Anapa in Russia, walking it through the water on a leash. There were children in the water while he walked it and the children around came to pet the dangerous animal in the water.

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Crocodiles are known to be aggressive, but in this case, the crocodile thankfully remained calm and did not attack anyone. But not everyone was happy to see the animal. One video showed a little girl running away, terrified.

While one little girl was obviously frightened, the adults in the video seemed unconcerned. Still, the man learned the hard way that having a crocodile for a pet is not a wise decision. He was arrested after the video from the beach went viral, although his name has not yet been released. He reportedly works as a local photographer.

Animal lovers were also incensed when they found out about the animal’s living conditions, as the man had been keeping the crocodile in a small aquarium inside his home. He was also using the crocodile to make money — allegedly, he would take the crocodile to the beach, let people play with it and take pictures with it, and then charge them for the photographs.

Authorities took the crocodile away and rehomed it in a zoo in the city of Novorossiysk, where it can be given proper care and a habitat larger than a small cage.

Do you think this man deserved to be arrested?

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